Monday, October 1, 2012

phone home

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A friend of mine lost her mom last week.
She told us some great stories about her mom
{like the one about her trying to close
one of her mom's accounts...
the phone company employee asked her what her
mom's favorite actor was (in order to verify the account)...
my friend called her mom and asked her
{this was right before she passed}.
Her mom said "I don't know honey, just pick one."
She told us about good times growing up with her family
and had us all giggling at the great memories of her mom.
She urged us all to call our parents
and to make sure they have a plan in place...
things that had come up recently in her life
like knowing account numbers and passwords etc.

My mom and I are not close.
Let's just say we have issues.
A couple of weeks ago I called my BFF from back home.
In the process of catching up I asked how her mom was
and told her about my friend's mom.
Hug your mama I told her.
How's yours? she asked.
She knows I'm holding a grudge against my mom.
She blurts have alot of your mom and dad in you.
I'm hanging up I said.
I knew she was right though.
What's that supposed to mean?
She said..."you get your good heart,
your kindness from your dad.
 You get your strength,
your 'I'm not putting up with any of this crap nonsense'
your protective mama bear attitude from your mom."

Just like I know I'm going to blink
 and our boys will be grown men
I know that my parents are not long for this world.
I know I have to get over myself and my grudges.
Kind of silly right?
What would I tell my kids if the roles were reversed?
One day they very well might be.

I heard this saying once that
 your parents are your parents when you're young...
when you're an adult and as they age
you become their caretaker
and they become like your children...
once they pass they become your parents again.
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I need to remember to be grateful instead.
For everything they gave to my sisters and I,
for everything they instilled in us.
For everything.

I hope your parents are still around.
If they are - go pick up the phone.

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