Thursday, October 25, 2012

polka dots and leopard

I had to laugh when I saw this
on one of my favorite blogs
earlier this week.
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I don't consider myself
to be chic but at least I'm trying
after years of living in my "mom uniform"
of running shorts and In-&Out Burger t-shirts.
This is an outfit I wore last week when
some girlfriends took me out for a
belated birthday lunch...

and no I do not regularly
{or ever}
take pics of my outfits...
somebody just asked me what my new shirt
looked like on so I snapped a pic...

or two

or more

because I couldn't get the right angle...
I look like a hunchback in this one...

Turns out it ain't so easy
taking a picture of yourself

So tried it from the front

alas you get the picture...

Raise your hand if you think I've lost my mind...

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