Friday, November 30, 2012


Would you believe this console is made from
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drumroll please...

wait for it...

a pallet?

Um Susan...I'm thinking you need to keep your eyes
open for a pallet or two behind your office building.
Grab me some too if you find any.
Just saying.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

file this under "crazy but true"

I squeezed in a pedicure yesterday between dropping
off one kid and picking up another for a doctor's appointment.
Its been chilly here and I didn't want to wear
flip flops everywhere all day.

Then this pin popped into my head...

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The pinner said spray Pam cooking spray
on your toes
to help the drying process.
I did it right after I came home to get trouser socks and shoes.
Yep I sprayed newly painted toes with Pam
then put on socks and was off and running
for the next twelve hours.
I got home last night and slowly took off the socks
fully expecting to see dark paint everywhere.
The toes were still shiny and neat.
I'm a believer.
Who knew?

genie in a bottle

or maybe in a little box...

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I've had one of these for over a month now.
I used to have one of those magnets
that you would turn one way for "clean"
upside down for "dirty."
Never really worked for us.
This dishwasher genie is the bomb-diggity...
and only twenty bucks.
My kids know they can put their
dirty dishes in when its blinking red
and they know they're clean and ready to grab when its green.
{ok, honestly they start hanging out upstairs because
I've recently had them start putting up
the clean dishes as one of their chores.}
Put one on your list for the OCD person in your life.

Click here to visit the dishwasher genie etsy shop.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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thinking I need a new fitness goal
{besides my standard one to lose  5 10 pounds...}

brilliant DIY gift tags

This girl had me at chevron packing tape.
I am so IN on this project...

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To see Courtney's full tutorial on how she used
blank tags, stamps, and packing tape
to make these pretties


pretty in polka dots

How cute are these pajamas?

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When I first saw them on a fave read
during my morning blog crawl
I thought they were by Kate Spade.

Try Tarjay baby!
For $25 I'm thinking two pairs.

Monday, November 26, 2012

getting things done

this chair has been on my list to recover for,
well, I don't want to tell you how long.
It finally made it to the top of my list.
I was into toile and roosters many moons ago.
Even my husband can recognize toile now
and will always point it out to me
even though he knows I've moved on.
Now that's love my friend.

You know my latest obsession would find its way in...
I haven't met a chevron I didn't like...
in apple green of course.

a yard of fabric, a staple gun and 20 minutes later...
more to do but its another thing done.
I'll take it.

gentle reminder

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blogger tutorial - DIY gold tip frames

I pinned this image recently.
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Only later did I click through the pin
to find out she used painters tape to do this
easy peasy update to some black frames...
so easy that I decided to do it myself
for the frames in my laundry room.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

the perfect gift

for wine lovers
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This sippy cup for wine totally cracks me up.
At first I thought it was a joke but I looked up the website.
I just bought my first real Tervis tumbler for coffee...
I'm thinking this wine tumbler is in my future.

Sunday dose of pretty

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motherhood musings

definitely one I need to remember...
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Friday, November 23, 2012


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I'm thankful...
for every thing God has given me...
three healthy little boys, a loving husband,
my dear sisters whom I adore,
sweet friends who are like family to me.
The list goes on and on.
I am also thankful for every thing God has NOT given me.
Does that make sense?
I'm just trying to say that I know
my life is a very blessed life indeed.

One of my dear sweet friends and neighbors has been
fighting for her life for over a year now.
She has fought her cancer battle with such grace.
I can't describe it, her grace and beauty, but its awe inspiring.
She told me not so long ago that she believed
God put this in her life to teach her love more deeply.
Her love for her children, her spouse, and her friends
has deepened and their love for her the same.
Its so true.
I can honestly say that we love her and her family like our own.
Friends turned into family and likes turned into love...
for that I am most thankful.

blogger tutorial - DIY burlap memo board

I saw this and it made me think of my crafty peeps
who are using burlap to make table runners, place mats,
valances, you name it...this would be a good use
for left overs...of burlap {not turkey}
Burlap Message Board

to see the full tutorial

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

kids crafts

How cute is this for the little ones in your life?
Print these out then throw some craft paper down as a table cloth and call it a day!
Thanksgiving Turkey Crayon Holder

For this and lots of other kids craft ideas
to keep them busy and out of your kitchen tomorrow

keep calm

I love the many versions of  "Keep Calm" posters...

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This would be perfect to frame and place in your entry way
or in your kitchen or on a buffet table.
The possibilities are endless...
why use one when three is better?

For lots of free Thanksgiving printables like these
Fall Printables

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

what i'm working on

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I really have been trying my best to do this.
Especially to two people that in the past
I would literally cross the street rather than talk to them.
But I'm trying and I've been praying about it,
that He would help me change my ways towards them
and help me to let go of any bad feelings towards them.

Did you feel the earth shake yesterday?
Because both of them on the same day
were kind in their own way to me.
God works in mysterious ways doesn't He?
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Monday, November 19, 2012

hello lover

Like many people who love design & decor
 I'm obsessed with KWID Trellis fabric
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my favorite colorway
I'm just in love with the price tag (+$150/yard).

There is now a fantastic knockoff fabric for $9/yard...
I haven't found a good alternative for KWID wallpaper as seen here...

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until now.
Check out this stencil...
Hello lover.
Soon you will be mine.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

a tisket a tasket

What's not to love about these wicker bicycle baskets?

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We don't have a dog but look at how much the basket fits...
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Pinned Image

A friend has both front and rear baskets on her bike
and I can attest to how big and beautiful they are.

visit Cynthia's Twigs for more info


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Sunday dose of pretty

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

life is short

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musings of motherhood

This pin pretty much describes how I mother...

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I used to be a real "helicopter" parent
when the twins were little.
Always hovering, always there, at every moment.
You get the picture.
As they've grown and
with the addition of our third boy
I've had less time and let's face it less energy to hover.
You also come to realize they need to fall down
and learn how to brush themselves off and move on.

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My two first borns are stepping out of the nest today
on their first overnight camping trip.
I'm going a little bit nuts with "what-if's" 
but I know that's just the
 "too-much-reality-tv-48-hour mysteries & nancy grace-watching"
part of my brain talking,
making me think of the things that might go wrong.

So I'm going to work on this today...
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Wish me luck.

Friday, November 16, 2012

monogram placemats

Last night I stumbled onto more free downloadables.
This one for monogram placemats had me at hello.


They're pretty big {11 x 17}
so I'm thinking if I do this I might buy a roll
of laminating paper like this to make them last.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


In searching Jones Design Company
I stumbled on this sweet idea
for Thanksgiving...


Use them at each place setting like she did
thankful card place setting

or create a thankful tree

thankful tree 2011

To download the cards for free
and to see her full post with tips 

smothered and covered

in chevron that is.

Remember when I posted about

I printed out a chevron background
then found a little quote I'd been saving when
 JDC offered it as a free downloadable last year.
I just searched but couldnt find it...will post the link if I do.
{and yes I know its off center but its a start...}

high vs my...ballard designs chair

Thurston Wing Chair

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