Friday, November 2, 2012

another mother runner

Want to give a shout out to my running peeps
this weekend...lots of races going on...

A bunch of girlfriends are doing a mud run -
can't wait to see the pictures
I imagine they'll be something like this

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While those girls are running in dirt 
our friend Kelly is running an Ironman relay.
Her part is a half marathon
by herself
in the middle of the day
{we're vampire runners...running before the sun comes up}
which means different conditions
than we're used to.

While looking for inspiration
I found this tshirt...
Kelly - think of it as
13.1 miles of peace and quiet

 Half Marathon Mommy Peace Qui Women's Light T-Shir
plus think of the finish line rewards
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and the cool bumper sticker you can get
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and finally...
our friend Adrienne
is running a marathon

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Way to go Adrienne!
We believe in you.

Things to tell yourself when
the going gets tough...

1. You birthed two babies. You got this!

2. Keep falling forward. 

And lastly...
Pinned Image

plus a little funny to make you laugh

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We'll be praying for you Adrienne.
We know you got this!


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