Thursday, November 29, 2012

file this under "crazy but true"

I squeezed in a pedicure yesterday between dropping
off one kid and picking up another for a doctor's appointment.
Its been chilly here and I didn't want to wear
flip flops everywhere all day.

Then this pin popped into my head...

Pinned Image

The pinner said spray Pam cooking spray
on your toes
to help the drying process.
I did it right after I came home to get trouser socks and shoes.
Yep I sprayed newly painted toes with Pam
then put on socks and was off and running
for the next twelve hours.
I got home last night and slowly took off the socks
fully expecting to see dark paint everywhere.
The toes were still shiny and neat.
I'm a believer.
Who knew?

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