Tuesday, November 13, 2012

light fantastic

You know I've been working on my laundry room.
I was {this} close to buying this light

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The only problem {besides its $400 price tag}
is that it uses tiny 40 watt bulbs.
I didn't think it would be bright enough.
{my eyes are over 40 and failing fast}.
Plus I wasn't sure about the gold...
when we moved in we changed all the door
hardware from brass/gold to oil rubbed bronze.
I'm OCD like that...I like the finishes to match.

I'm happy to report
that we have a new light fixture.
Its a marriage of my love for geometrics
and the oil rubbed bronze finish I wanted
for the sake of consistency...
drum roll please...

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Took me two trips to the Home Depot
but finally its mine.  
And thanks to my friend Laura's
totally handy husband Mark
its up and it works!

First the before...

and now...

Want to see what the room looked like
BEFORE "the before"?

Don't judge.
the yellow color is from the previous owner.
This is just after I painted a few weeks ago...

Note that in this picture I've been playing around
with what to hang on the wall.
I've had many thoughts...
Now its in my head to paint a stencil on the wall...

When I was leaning toward the gold light I first showed you
my thought was to do a Moroccan type stencil like this 

Pinned Image

but now I'm thinking more of a trellis
mimicking the detail on my new light
similar to this Jones Design Company

Pinned Image

Not sure though...
I'm still weighing my options.
For now I'm happy with my new light...
thanks again Mark!

Its amazing what you notice
when you lay on the floor to take a picture...
the blue painters tape that is
on the exhaust fan.
Told you I needed glasses.

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