Thursday, November 8, 2012

lots of explaining to do

 So after I posted yesterday
I received my first negative blog comment.
I thought it over and decided to call my sister.
Sister #4...the youngest.
 She is quite vocally the most liberal
one of the five of us.
{yep...there are five girls in our family.}
She and her husband are huge fans of the President.
She knew exactly why I was calling.
She'd seen the comment as well.
She said
 if she didn't know me,
if she didn't know my heart
and who I was
she might have been mad too.
The flag picture was the big one.
I didn't even think it was funny.
Honestly when I see the American flag
I don't think its price is ever free.
People die every day to protect that flag
and our freedoms.
That is not for free.
I took down that post.
I'm truly sorry if I offended anyone.

But I'm glad we live in a country where
we can express our opinions
even if you don't agree with every one's.
I'm glad if it started conversations
{that was actually why I re-posted it from
one of my favorite blogs and posted it as a question}.
I was reminded that blog posts, like emails,
don't always accurately convey
a person's intentions or feelings.

Another friend of mine and I
ping-ponged emails
back and forth yesterday
about my posts.
In the end we agreed that if
we on all sides
liberal and conservative
and everywhere in between
were to sit down and really talk
about what we believed in
then I think we'd find out that
we really want the same things in life.

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Lastly...I'd like to clarify that I when I
told my kids not to engage in negative talk
at school about the election outcome
it was because we're teaching them
that even if they don't agree with someone
everyone should be treated with respect.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Just another example of how the teacher
is sometimes the student.

Now let's move on...

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