Saturday, November 17, 2012

musings of motherhood

This pin pretty much describes how I mother...

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I used to be a real "helicopter" parent
when the twins were little.
Always hovering, always there, at every moment.
You get the picture.
As they've grown and
with the addition of our third boy
I've had less time and let's face it less energy to hover.
You also come to realize they need to fall down
and learn how to brush themselves off and move on.

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My two first borns are stepping out of the nest today
on their first overnight camping trip.
I'm going a little bit nuts with "what-if's" 
but I know that's just the
 "too-much-reality-tv-48-hour mysteries & nancy grace-watching"
part of my brain talking,
making me think of the things that might go wrong.

So I'm going to work on this today...
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Wish me luck.

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