Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last Sunday in church the choir sang
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I've only ever heard Louis Armstrong sing it.
I read the words in the church bulletin
as the choir sang. I know you know the tune
but have you ever read the words?

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How beautiful is that?
It moved me to tears as I thought about the people in my life.
I'd never thought of that song in that way.
Gonna dig out my Louis should too.
After this crazy week
we all need to be reminded
of what a wonderful place we live in
and when it comes down to it
its not who's in the White House that matters -
its who's beside us on long runs in the morning,
who puts up with our crazy running schedule and
the exorbitant amount we spend on running equipment,
its who listens when we need to talk,
who puts up with us when we talk too much,
who crawls into our bed in the middle of the night
{every single night it seems}
and who wakes us up like clockwork
even when the clock falls back and
gives us an extra hour to sleep in.
What a wonderful world.

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