Monday, December 17, 2012

declaring it done

the twins room that is...

The red comforters, striped duvet and sham are all from target.
The euro sham is PBK.

the sailboat lithographs were from the same guy
who sold me the "england" trunk.
total SCOREs.

I know you love the LSU fan finger.
My delightful neighbors have brainwashed one of them. :)
At least its the SEC.

Still loving the red chevron trim

that I used on their drapes...

the bedskirts are new...from the RH outlet.
Got them sale on sale for a song...

I know. This is alot of pictures...
I took alot trying to get the light right.
I'm in the midst of switching computers.
I'm bound to find lots of "befores" of this room.
Cant wait to post those. You'll freak!

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