Sunday, December 2, 2012

silhouette city

Last week my son's preschool had their annual bookfair.
As a part of the fundraising effort they had the brilliant idea
of having an artist available to do children's silhouettes.
This artist used to work at a major theme park.
We got to talking and I told her how we'd visited
this certain theme park when our twins were two
and how we'd gotten their silhouettes done while there.
After talking she figured out who the guy was that did ours.
She kind of knocked the guy.
I thought she was wrong for that.
He did a fantastic job.
I have the twins' sets in our master bedroom
and in my husband's office at work.
You can look at them and easily distinguish which child it is.
The ones we had done at the bookfair...not so much.

Here they are...she did two.
Um look at how big his head is.
Now I know you think I'm complaining but
I didn't see them until after I paid for them.
Did I mention that I spent close to $100 on these?
Just one little problem...this doesn't look like my child.
Not even close.
So when I got home to my own scissors
I took matters into my own hands...

So now I will be making my own versions.
I'm so thankful for blogger tutorials.
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  1. You amaze me with your creativity and resourcefulness!


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