Friday, December 7, 2012

you are beautiful

I had a friend many years ago ask me point blank
why I was always putting myself down.
I hadn't noticed it but once she pointed it out
I paid attention and noticed she was absolutely right.
She told me that my brain would hear my words and believe it.
Silly I thought.
So true too.
Think about it.

Last night I went to girlfriends' party.
Her son is eight and was entertaining the ladies
with his very witty banter.
He was guessing the women's ages.
He thought I was in my 50's.
I told him I was 42.
Another lady and I got to talking about
how we would not go back to our twenties for anything.
I'm 42 and proud of it.
I could stand to lose a few pounds.
There's a little pouch of belly fat that won't budge.
My hair would be totally gray if I didn't color it.
Every three weeks I might add.
I have cellulite that I hate.
Oh and stretch marks too.
But its all me.
And its proof that I'm here and I'm living.
I'll take it.
I wouldn't go back to my twenties
when those things weren't in existence yet.
This body birthed three babies.
And now it runs half marathons.
 Its perfect and its mine.

I have a confession. 
When my boys were little I would say things like
"Mommy's so skinny." and "Mommy's so pretty."
They would mimic it back and I would laugh.
I know.
I'm not right.
But I made a vow after that discussion
with my friend many moons ago
 that I wouldn't put myself down in front of my kids.
Kind of like "you are what you eat"
I think of it as "you are what you believe you are."
I didn't want to put my "I need to lose 5 pounds
before I'll like myself" mentality on them
because then they'd think
"yeah my mom's fat 'cause she's always saying that."
So I shifted my train of thought.
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I stumbled on this article during my morning blog crawl.
Kind of summed it all up...
Its a lovely read and a very important lesson.
Especially if you have daughters.

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