Thursday, January 31, 2013

dream a little dream

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By now you know that I love quotes.
Love 'em.
Have you noticed on pinterest that credit for a quote
is sometimes given to the craziest of people?
People you KNOW good and well didn't say it.
for good reason.
like maybe they were dead already?
or the language at the time they were alive wouldn't have included certain words or phrases?
I know.
You don't care about this.
I'm rambling.
Just thought I'd point it out.
BTW...I'm pretty sure that the quote above is not Aristotle
but rather C.S. Lewis.
Just saying.
Sorry for the tangent...
back to my point.

Anybody setting a new goal?
or dreaming a new dream?
I'm making a list myself...will be back to share.
{after carpool}
{Tarsy...hope you survived the cold during drop-off duty today :) }

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 When I first started reading blogs a few years ago
we were in the midst of renovating our master bath.
I was looking for ideas for bath fixtures but I stumbled upon
lots of DIY projects that I bookmarked to do later.
{Later being when the babies were napping
which is now when said "babies" are in school}.
One project I distinctly remember was how to convert
recessed light fixtures to pendants.
It was on the blog isabella and max {now known as the house of fifty}
She bought a kit from home depot...

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to install a chandy in her bathroom
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without the help of an electrician.
My kind of girl.
{Read about it here.}

We've come a long way since then baby.
Look at the goodies available now
and how easy peasy they are to install.

This one from Ballard is on my list for our kitchen reno
{more on that later}
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this style but in the green "grass" colorway.

Ballard is not the only one to jump on the recessed light
conversion kit bandwagon...
the ones below are all from Home Decorators...

Globe Bronze Pendant

Moravian Pendant

Harper Instant Pendant Light Conversion Kit

Emile Instant Pendant Light Conversion Kit

Kisha Instant Pendant Light Conversion Kit

I'm thinking if I wait long enough they might even put out
some pretty petite chandelier kits for our master bathroom.
That or I might have to channel my inner electrician
and do what the lovely Janell did in her bath.
{but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that}.

Monday, January 28, 2013

put together

We finished putting the new furniture together for our breakfast area.

Sorry for the rough pics...its a cloudy day here but trust me
this table is pretty...especially for the price tag.  
 Speaking of money. 
Did y'all see that 49% off one item coupon yesterday for World Market?
I almost went and grabbed these...


which would have been a terrific deal...two chairs for just over $100.
or these...


This too comes in a pair...for $159...not bad at all.
I know what you're thinking though.
I bought the set so I already have four chairs.
I just was thinking of using a mix of chairs...still might do it.
I put two chairs in the guest apartment and you see two chairs above.
I'm just going to live with this for a little while.
Hope to decide before the WM sale ends (I think it ends around Feb 4?)
Any thoughts on which way to go?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

storage wars

One project that's been on my list for YEARS now is to organize all our photos.
We have thousands.
Some are hard copies from our days of using a 35mm.
I know. I'm dating myself.
These hard copy photos are not saved electronically anywhere
(I wish now I'd spent the extra $$ to have them saved to disk)
so my plan is to scan them in by hand.
Problem is that these are scattered in with ones I've printed
from those that are already saved electronically on our computer.
Don't you hate double work?
I have a huge 30 gallon storage box full of prints.
I'll admit I'm slightly overwhelmed
but I think once I get a system going then I'll be golden.
{at least that's what I'm telling myself so that I keep going}
I started last week and was renaming them as I saved them.
One by one.
It took FOREVER!
Not optimal for time.
I've already organized the hard copies by year.
Now my plan is to just let the computer give them a number
and once I get a certain amount done (like every month or year or so)
then I'll go back in and rename them so that in 30 years I'll remember who is who.
At least that's my plan.

Girl that I am you know that I've googled and pinterested
to look for tips on the best way to get this project DONE...

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BHG has a free handy checklist but let me sum it up for you...

1. Try at least once a month to download pictures from your cameras (including your phone).

2. Review photos and delete duplicates, poor quality ones, and let's face it, just ugly ones.

3. Make folders you can keep up with, either by occasion {like "Trip to Grand Canyon"}
or by date. Now here's a good tip...give the months a number, don't use "March 2012"
which is what I had been doing...give the month a number like "03-2012" so that the computer
will list them in order. Then you can do sub-folders in each month like "trip to xyz".

4. Once you make folders then go back and rename photos so you don't forget the details later
and so that you can find things more easily.

5. Back up using at least two different places. We have an external hard drive that I back 
up every month or so. I store it in a fire-proof box. I highly recommend that since our house 
burnt down when I was a little girl and we have very few pictures from before 1978.
Trust me people that hurts and probably explains why I have so many pictures on display
in my house. If I had to grab anything in an emergency it would be that backup hard drive. 

Let the countdown begin.
I'm hoping to get this done in the next month.
Stay tuned to see if I make my deadline.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

let's eat...


A couple of girlfriends and I have made a little pact
to try to eat better than we've been doing.
Let's face it after 40 things change
{and droop
and sag
and fall.
but enough about my backside.
a little.}
So Monday was day One.
Here's what one friend is following...
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I like his rules.
My only problem is with the title.
I don't really like the word skinny.
I think it can be dangerous.
I, like many other young people, had an eating disorder
when I was in college.
I don't even like the word diet.

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So I'll just say that I'm on a mission to eat more healthy.
Another friend is doing weight watchers online.
She's down five pounds since Monday.
I'm down two pounds since then.
It ain't easy...I've not having my typical side of rice at dinner
and instead of my usual PB&J for lunch I'm eating apple slices
with a teaspoon of PB and a slice of cheese.
It could be better but for me it is better than it was.
Little things add up.
I'll let you know how it goes.

little updates {dining room}

While I was at my home away from home aka World Market
 last week picking up our new furniture for the breakfast area
I picked up a beautiful new table cloth that I thought would work
well in our dining room...
It reminded me of the haint blue paint color on the ceiling
{you can barely see it in the picture above.}
Two things bothered me...
it didn't really match the blues in the suzanni fabric on the chairs
and the big problem for me...
I noticed the price tag on the packaging as I took it out.
For a tablecloth?
Call me crazy.
I took it back.

Look at what I found at Target.
Maybe you can't tell from the picture but
in person it is the exact blue I wanted.
And it was only $11.
{and yes I will be ironing it...just wanted to see if I liked it first}

They have their spring items at WM now
and I grabbed some stuff like the nests and the grape hyacinth...

and from Hobby Lobby
{and no I'm not always kids have school projects due
so we had lots of craft items to buy.
ok, and maybe I did throw some extra stuff in the basket
when my DH wasn't looking.}
I snared these little ceramic urns for $7.99
and the moss balls for $3.99.
You know how I feel about topiaries.

Nearly done here...thinking about making a runner for the table
with one of the remnants I have from the chair fabrics.
Think its just big enough.
Trying to wrap up all the projects on my list...
my youngest starts kinder in the fall and me thinks I'll go back to work.
For a paycheck I mean...
'cause I don't know about you but being a mom is
the most difficult {but rewarding} job I've ever had.
{and I used to work with stuff that could explode and eat your skin off}.
Anybody hiring?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

birds of a feather

I cleaned up my cell phone yesterday
and finally transferred a ton of pictures I've taken while out and about.
Yep, I'm the crazy lady you whisper about who
you see taking pictures of random things in a store and you wonder
what in heck was so important about a lamp (or in this case an egret)
that she just *has* to have a picture of it.
This one is huge...would you believe I saw it at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Reminds me of this Audubon pelican...
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and how about that blue peacock above?
Peacocks are in, in case you didn't know.
I'm seeing them everywhere these days.
Thinking my beloved peacock mirror started a trend.
Just saying.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

inspiration pic...{hallway}

me loves this entry hallway...

I love it all...the rustic wooden console,
the quote signs and lots of boxwood topiaries.
Makes me want to add more signs
to our entry hallway...stay tuned on that project note.

new target finds

I braved Target yesterday with my four year old.
Oy vey.
He wanted a new Lego set and I said no.
Did you hear the screaming fit at your house?
It was UG-LY!
There were some bright spots though
like this set of mini notebooks...

3 for under $5
and they have little quotes on the cover...
reminds me of Kate Spade, no?

and you know I never met a sunburst mirror
I didn't like...
I'm not sure about the grey color but
for $24.99 and a can of spray paint
I'm thinking these might just be what I need
in our bedroom above the lamps...


Friday, January 18, 2013

child proofing

I thought our days of child proofing were over.
I was wrong.
All this week our boys have had little colds.
They're at varying stages of it
but all of them are feeling puny.
So we've let them do alot of laying around
and watching tv etc.
Two nights ago we were doing our nightly
assembly line of baths...
one guy in the bath,
the other dressing in pjs,
the next brushing teeth.
Rotate and repeat.
Our youngest was the first one done.
He wandered back into our bedroom where
someone had left on the tv.
The tv is not normally on but tonight it is.
I guess he heard it and went to investigate.
Thankfully I had walked into our bathroom
and was on my way back to their bathroom
to help finish up the bath process.
I screamed.
Our four year old had his hands above his head
and was attempting to climb our tall dresser
on top of which sits our tv.
I went through the whole scenario...
at the top of my lungs...

"yes ma'am" came his tiny response.
There is nothing tiny about this kid.
He could have pulled it over in an instant.

So today I'm blog crawling and I click through a link
This is not coincidence.
It is God whispering to me.
She notes not to read this if you're having a sensitive day.
I'm so glad I read it.
Get tissues if you choose to click though.
Today I am researching how to secure furniture to the wall.
If you have any ideas or tips please leave a comment.
If you have small children you HAVE to read this.
I'm so glad I did.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

gotta love it!

I picked up my table, chairs, and bench
from World Market yesterday.

I even unloaded it into the garage.
Now THAT was a magical feat.
Still not sure how I got the table top out...
think it was the loud praying.
I'm sure my neighbors are talking about that today.

As I was adding pictures today I saw this one
that I'd saved because of the light fixture...
its the "high" version from RH of a wine barrel chandelier.
I bought the more affordable version from PB
that's hanging in our breakfast area.
Notice the table...

Its $1825.

Here's the Arcadia table
I bought from WM...
for $315

{I bought the set for $899 so the table was $315
with my 10% coupon}

I didn't even realize it was a knockoff of RH!
Me loves even more now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

blogger DIY - customized chevron monogram


chevron customized printable monogram Chevron Customized Printable Monogram

chevron + monogram + free = me loves

Click over to for chic sake blog for her tutorial.
Read the directions carefully.
It took me a while to get my monograms right.
You have to follow her tips to a t.
Then find a frame and tah-dah...
instant artwork
or the perfect preppy gift.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

houston half

Sunday was the Houston marathon.
I'm only half crazy so I ran the half-marathon.
I had a hard time sleeping Saturday night.
I woke up at 2:53 and just lay there waiting for 4:00 on the clock.
I got dressed and then over-packed a bag of extra gear
...unsure of what the weather was going to do.
Cold in the 40's and rain is what the weatherman said.
They finally got it right after a week of what seemed like
bad weather predictions.
Our running group met at 515am and carpooled downtown.
It was drizzling and cold.
Once we all finished getting our gear on and in order
we stepped outside to make our way to the start.
Blustery winds were blowing like crazy.
More than one person suggested we just go to a hotel
and watch the race (and maybe some movies) rather than run.
Unfortunately that movement never gained serious momentum.
We ran over to the race headquarters to check some gear.
It was packed.
In the process we lost some people in our group.
I hate it when that happens.
I hate crowds and knowing that I have my peeps
around me makes me feel less anxious.
So I turned to my friend Joyce
(who has become privy to alot of my neurosis as of late}
and said "you won't leave me, right?"
I felt like a little girl asking her mom
{note: Joyce is not old enough to be my mother}
to watch over me and keep me safe.
She reassured me with an "I got ya!"

We searched but never found our missing peeps.
The "ten minutes to start" announcement sounded
and we had to leave so we all moved to the exit.
As we neared the door you could feel the cold.
It was like a slap in the face.
Like a "you dumb-bunny, you should be in bed!"

We found our assigned corral
and all huddled together to keep warm.
Think little penguins.
The race start gun sounded
and we shuffled to the start
trying not to trip on anyone's feet
amongst a sea of thousands.
Did I mention that I don't like crowds?

she takes flight.

We approach the start line in our little penguin march.
The real rain starts.
Everybody groans.

We run up an overpass.
I know I wasn't the only one thinking
"what in the heck are we doing here?"

Somebody says "watch that puddle!"
We all laugh.
We're in the middle of one big puddle
with wet socks and soggy shoes
and we've only just begun.

One mile down.
Two down.
Three down.
Some guy next to me says
"well, we just ran 3,
now I just have to run farther
 than I ever have before."
Say what?
You gotta train for this buddy!
I shake my head and keep trucking.

Now this whole time
we've been doing roll call
to make sure we're all together
{the ones we haven't yet lost}.
Tarsy and Lisa are the leads...
{these girls have got it goin' on...
love love love
 these recent additions
to our group}
today in matching rain gear
they'd bought the day before.
Smart buy!
We're all following their white and pink parkas.
Trying to keep their fantastic pace.
We keep calling out names
since its hard to look around
in all the rain
and with so many people
and in all our rain gear.
So we keep taking roll every so often.
"Laura?" "back left"
"Nancy?" "back right"
"Adrienne and Joyce?"
They had been behind us.
Now they weren't.
Aww pickles.
I kept turning around trying to scan for Joyce...
she is noticeable because she doesn't wear alot
of clothes when she runs
{ie whereas I wore a short sleeve shirt and two jackets}
she had on shorts and a running tank.
Finally I had to stop turning around.
I was afraid of losing sight of the peeps in front of me.

At about mile 5
I saw Steve go right
to a gatorade station.
I followed suit.
Now you know that I'm a multi-tasker.
Except when I run.
I ended up pouring gatorade all over me
as I tried to run through the station.
I saw Steve go back in, picking up his pace
in order to catch the girls.
I screamed his name and everybody but him
turned around to see who the lunatic was
 screaming "STEVEEEEEE"
I admit I panicked.
I could see his head but that was it.
Uhhhh oooohhhh.
More than half way to go.
All by myself.

I run to eat but I also run
because I love
the people I run with.
There's something deep that I can't explain -
knowing somebody in a way
 that most people don't...
almost always before dawn
when the world is still sleeping
{and you wish you were too}
so that you can push your body to its limits
and in turn
you're pushing your mind.
These friends of mine
have my back and I have theirs.
This I know.

My husband knew I was nervous about this race.
All week he kept reassuring me.
He told me to run my own race,
not to try to keep up with anyone else's pace
or to ask them to pull back to mine.
Let them run their race he said.
Its an individual sport he said...
you're trying to make it a team sport
and its not.
I understood where he was coming
from but I still beg to differ.
It is an individual sport, no one can run for you.
But we're a team.
This I know.

I keep going.
And then I see a little huddle on the side.
My penguins have waited for me.
I catch up.
We keep going.
By this time its around 8am.
Normally by this time
 I've had three cups of coffee.
I know. I have issues.
And I'm starting to feel my head.
Its begging for caffeine.
I figured out after my first half marathon
that I could bring an OTC migraine medicine with me.
It has caffeine in it.
Now's the time my head tells me.
I holler out that I'm pulling over to take the meds.
Nobody hears me.
I climbed up on the curb to keep an eye on my peeps.
So I can see where I need to sprint to get them.
But at that moment something inside me
told me it was ok.
To let go.

So I did.
I looked at my watch.
One hour four minutes down.
About the same to go.
Just keep moving I told myself.
Forget the people,
the rain,
the thoughts of stopping.
One foot after the other.
Keep falling forward.

I thought of what I constantly preach to my boys.
If you think you can't you won't.
If you think you can you will.

I stopped for gatorade
every time it was offered.
Then I kept going.

Right before mile 9
I saw a lady
with a blue shirt.
It had "Phil 4:13" on the back.
I ran up and tapped her on the shoulder.
Probably not the best thing to do.
I made her jump.
I said "which bible verse is that?"
I asked her again.
She turned to a guy next to her
and asked him for help remembering.
She was in a zone.
She blanked.
Then they both said it together.

Phillipians 4:13

I thanked her and told her I knew what it was.
I just needed to hear it.
The hairs on my head stood up.
I took it as a sign.
God was telling me "I got ya!"

I knew from my watch
that I was kicking it.
I could pause for drinks.
I just had to keep moving.

I hit a wall about mile 11.
Typical for me.
Self-doubt was whispering.
I'm in it to win it.

So I did...
I told the negative committee
 in my head
to sit down
shut up.

I never ever thought
I could run that far by myself.
But now I know I can.
Do I want to?
But can I?

I set a PR again.
My best time yet for a half.
Two hours, twelve minutes.
I'll take it.

 Thanks for your prayers and kind emails.
I appreciate it.
Thanks especially to my running buddies.
I love you all.

Monday, January 14, 2013

the goods...

I ran with my friend Laura to Home Goods last weekend.
{I've been trying all week to post this but
blogger is having issues with posting pictures.}
She's hosted the after-the-half party
for our running group
{more on the half marathon tomorrow}
and we were on a mission to find baskets
for her new console...

Greyson Sideboard

Look familiar?
Its from World Market.

Here it is in her living room...

Props to her handy hubby Mark.
{I've urged him to start a "Handy Hubby" business
for people like me with husbands who know their limits.}
Mark had it up with the wires in the wall
by the time we got back from shopping.
Told you he was handy.

We found some baskets that now hold their
remote controls and video game equipment
but while we were there at Home Goods we found
lots of other goodies...Laura must think I'm nuts because
I was so excited by the things we saw...
this chair caught my eye first

or rather the fabric {pretty sure its waverly}...
Ballard Designs uses it as well for their
upholstery line of furniture.

You know I love me some gourd lamps...
I love the Suzanne Kasler ones I recently purchased
but month later these show up at Home Goods?
I would have loved these better...
apple green and turquoise...and only $40.
Hello lover.
Wish you were mine...

You win some, you lose some.

I also noticed these Ikat drapery panels...

and look at this set of chairs...
If only I needed gray chairs...
you know I'm a sucker for geometrics.

Be sure and send me an email or leave a comment
if you find any goodies at hg and want to share.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I think this is it...

the new set for the breakfast area

Pinned Image

I don't know...I really loved some other pieces.
Just not all the pieces I loved together.
I know what's going to happen.
I'll buy this and then I'll find "the perfect thing."
But this is the right size for my space.
It has a matching bench.
Not crazy about the chairs but they can be wiped down
and that's a big thing for me with three little boys.
Its the rustic farmhouse feel I'm craving
{for now know I love to re-do}.
So I'm thinking this is it.
And I'd like to buy it while its on sale.
Leave me a comment below.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

you're never going to believe this

So how long has it been?
A couple of hours
since I was last here moaning and groaning
about how I don't feel my best
and I'm running another half marathon this weekend
and woe is me...blah blah blah.
So I get this email about another half
but only its in Palmetto Bluff.
And without hesitation I look at the date.
March 10.
I double check the year.
Yep, this year 2013.
So what do I do?
Email my husband...
"honey do you mind if I do this half in two months?
It's in PB!!!!!"

A girl's gotta have a goal you know.


That's what I feel like I'm doing.
But I feel like I'm dropping balls left and right.
And I don't like it one bit.
Did you know that I like to be in control?
That I'm a planner...a list maker...
that I don't like surprises
and I'll admit I like to know
how a story is going to end.
Freaky I know...but that's how I roll.

I've got some things looming over my head.
Big things coming up and my heart is unsettled.
First on the get it done list is my next half marathon.
Its this weekend and I'm not happy about it.
I know I can do it...
my problem is that I want to do it well.
As in beat my fastest time.
I'll spare you the list of health issues currently bothering me.
Let's just say I'm not at my peak.
{And that's an understatement.}
I just don't feel in control right now.
Pinned Image

so that's my give it my all
and I may not make my time goal but I know

Pinned Image

I was at the park earlier this week and one of the boys
was having a hard time trying to figure out how to
jump and slide down a sliding pole.
After a long time of explaining
what I thought was the best way
and demonstrating how to do it
I got frustrated and finally said

Pinned Image

Then I walked away.
He pouted and stood there a long time.
Then he just did it and moved on to another thing.

I'll be chanting that little ditty to myself on the race course.
Heck, I need to remind myself that every day.
Please pray the rain goes away...
no fun running 13.1 miles in the cold AND rain.
We've done it before though and we'll do it again.
Let's just get this thing done!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm still here...

still trying to get back in the swing of things
after the holidays...
The boys finally all started school again.
This pretty much summed up my attitude yesterday...
Pinned Image

Yep, guess who got the calendar featuring
365 glorious little ditties like the one above as a gift?
{Thanks again Laura!}

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