Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 When I first started reading blogs a few years ago
we were in the midst of renovating our master bath.
I was looking for ideas for bath fixtures but I stumbled upon
lots of DIY projects that I bookmarked to do later.
{Later being when the babies were napping
which is now when said "babies" are in school}.
One project I distinctly remember was how to convert
recessed light fixtures to pendants.
It was on the blog isabella and max {now known as the house of fifty}
She bought a kit from home depot...

Pinned Image

to install a chandy in her bathroom
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without the help of an electrician.
My kind of girl.
{Read about it here.}

We've come a long way since then baby.
Look at the goodies available now
and how easy peasy they are to install.

This one from Ballard is on my list for our kitchen reno
{more on that later}
Pinned Image
this style but in the green "grass" colorway.

Ballard is not the only one to jump on the recessed light
conversion kit bandwagon...
the ones below are all from Home Decorators...

Globe Bronze Pendant

Moravian Pendant

Harper Instant Pendant Light Conversion Kit

Emile Instant Pendant Light Conversion Kit

Kisha Instant Pendant Light Conversion Kit

I'm thinking if I wait long enough they might even put out
some pretty petite chandelier kits for our master bathroom.
That or I might have to channel my inner electrician
and do what the lovely Janell did in her bath.
{but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that}.

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