Wednesday, January 2, 2013

currently obsessed with...

World Market.
And if that's wrong I don't want to be right.
I've been there so many times in the past week
I"m pretty sure I can call one of the employees there a friend.
And that's not the only good thing to come out of there...
look at some of the new furniture they have...

Pinned Image
The sofa frame is on sale for $300. Sweet.
Plus you can choose from various slipcovers.
I'd choose this linen one, on sale for $199.

These nesting tables are awesome
Pinned Image
and a set of three for $ can't beat that with a stick.

and I'm seriously considering a pair of these leather recliners
Pinned Image
currently on sale from $599 to $299

I'm on the fence {but ready to jump}...
first we have to decide about our breakfast area.
I've been wanting to get a new table for a few years now...
I was waiting on my boys to destroy our old one but for some
reason they're taking their sweet time in banging it up.
It didn't bother me as a round table but we added the leaves
and now its an oval husband let it slip the other day
that it bothers him too. Awesome! Now he thinks it's his idea
to make a change and I'm off the hook! So what's a girl to do?
The next day I had him at World Market. HA!
On New Year's Eve to boot!
He's a good man.
Stay tuned to see what happened next...

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