Thursday, January 31, 2013

dream a little dream

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By now you know that I love quotes.
Love 'em.
Have you noticed on pinterest that credit for a quote
is sometimes given to the craziest of people?
People you KNOW good and well didn't say it.
for good reason.
like maybe they were dead already?
or the language at the time they were alive wouldn't have included certain words or phrases?
I know.
You don't care about this.
I'm rambling.
Just thought I'd point it out.
BTW...I'm pretty sure that the quote above is not Aristotle
but rather C.S. Lewis.
Just saying.
Sorry for the tangent...
back to my point.

Anybody setting a new goal?
or dreaming a new dream?
I'm making a list myself...will be back to share.
{after carpool}
{Tarsy...hope you survived the cold during drop-off duty today :) }

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