Thursday, January 10, 2013


That's what I feel like I'm doing.
But I feel like I'm dropping balls left and right.
And I don't like it one bit.
Did you know that I like to be in control?
That I'm a planner...a list maker...
that I don't like surprises
and I'll admit I like to know
how a story is going to end.
Freaky I know...but that's how I roll.

I've got some things looming over my head.
Big things coming up and my heart is unsettled.
First on the get it done list is my next half marathon.
Its this weekend and I'm not happy about it.
I know I can do it...
my problem is that I want to do it well.
As in beat my fastest time.
I'll spare you the list of health issues currently bothering me.
Let's just say I'm not at my peak.
{And that's an understatement.}
I just don't feel in control right now.
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so that's my give it my all
and I may not make my time goal but I know

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I was at the park earlier this week and one of the boys
was having a hard time trying to figure out how to
jump and slide down a sliding pole.
After a long time of explaining
what I thought was the best way
and demonstrating how to do it
I got frustrated and finally said

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Then I walked away.
He pouted and stood there a long time.
Then he just did it and moved on to another thing.

I'll be chanting that little ditty to myself on the race course.
Heck, I need to remind myself that every day.
Please pray the rain goes away...
no fun running 13.1 miles in the cold AND rain.
We've done it before though and we'll do it again.
Let's just get this thing done!

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