Thursday, January 24, 2013

let's eat...


A couple of girlfriends and I have made a little pact
to try to eat better than we've been doing.
Let's face it after 40 things change
{and droop
and sag
and fall.
but enough about my backside.
a little.}
So Monday was day One.
Here's what one friend is following...
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I like his rules.
My only problem is with the title.
I don't really like the word skinny.
I think it can be dangerous.
I, like many other young people, had an eating disorder
when I was in college.
I don't even like the word diet.

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So I'll just say that I'm on a mission to eat more healthy.
Another friend is doing weight watchers online.
She's down five pounds since Monday.
I'm down two pounds since then.
It ain't easy...I've not having my typical side of rice at dinner
and instead of my usual PB&J for lunch I'm eating apple slices
with a teaspoon of PB and a slice of cheese.
It could be better but for me it is better than it was.
Little things add up.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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