Saturday, January 26, 2013

storage wars

One project that's been on my list for YEARS now is to organize all our photos.
We have thousands.
Some are hard copies from our days of using a 35mm.
I know. I'm dating myself.
These hard copy photos are not saved electronically anywhere
(I wish now I'd spent the extra $$ to have them saved to disk)
so my plan is to scan them in by hand.
Problem is that these are scattered in with ones I've printed
from those that are already saved electronically on our computer.
Don't you hate double work?
I have a huge 30 gallon storage box full of prints.
I'll admit I'm slightly overwhelmed
but I think once I get a system going then I'll be golden.
{at least that's what I'm telling myself so that I keep going}
I started last week and was renaming them as I saved them.
One by one.
It took FOREVER!
Not optimal for time.
I've already organized the hard copies by year.
Now my plan is to just let the computer give them a number
and once I get a certain amount done (like every month or year or so)
then I'll go back in and rename them so that in 30 years I'll remember who is who.
At least that's my plan.

Girl that I am you know that I've googled and pinterested
to look for tips on the best way to get this project DONE...

Pinned Image

BHG has a free handy checklist but let me sum it up for you...

1. Try at least once a month to download pictures from your cameras (including your phone).

2. Review photos and delete duplicates, poor quality ones, and let's face it, just ugly ones.

3. Make folders you can keep up with, either by occasion {like "Trip to Grand Canyon"}
or by date. Now here's a good tip...give the months a number, don't use "March 2012"
which is what I had been doing...give the month a number like "03-2012" so that the computer
will list them in order. Then you can do sub-folders in each month like "trip to xyz".

4. Once you make folders then go back and rename photos so you don't forget the details later
and so that you can find things more easily.

5. Back up using at least two different places. We have an external hard drive that I back 
up every month or so. I store it in a fire-proof box. I highly recommend that since our house 
burnt down when I was a little girl and we have very few pictures from before 1978.
Trust me people that hurts and probably explains why I have so many pictures on display
in my house. If I had to grab anything in an emergency it would be that backup hard drive. 

Let the countdown begin.
I'm hoping to get this done in the next month.
Stay tuned to see if I make my deadline.

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