Sunday, February 24, 2013

designer crush...Heather Chadduck

This may be a funny way to begin but are you familiar with those children's books
"If you give a cat a cupcake"?
Well along the same lines as that...
 if you're a girl born in the South
 then you probably read devour
"Southern Living Magazine"
when it hits your mailbox every month.
And if you read "Southern Living"
 then you know who Heather Chadduck is.
And if you don't you're missing out.
Take a look at some of her work...

She had me at toile and monograms...
heather chadduck dining room by junkgarden, via Flickr; chairs numbered

when she helped a friend pull her house together...

I could tell instantly that we could be BFFs. me. You're my people.
I remember tearing this one out of the magazine
in the days before pinterest...

Pinned Image

I don't know why it sticks in my head that she got
the bamboo rods from Hobby Lobby...
probably because it was long before I knew what Hobby Lobby was.
That was a long time ago now that I think about it.
So long ago in fact that cottage living magazine is no more.
 I loved that magazine didn't you?

I wonder if my husband would let me do this to our fireplace surround?


If its good enough for Heather Chadduck then its good enough for me :)
Goodness knows I've lugged enough oyster shells back from Palmetto Bluff.

Love this bedroom she did a few years ago...

via Southern Living

...right down to the leopard pumps and the puppy dog.

This little desk area had me at blue and white...

 via Southern Living

in stripes and porcelain.
Could it get any better?

Why yes of course it could.
 Like when she styled this house...
with all the blue and white porcelain
not to mention the chandy
and all the bits of coral...
what's not to love?
 If I remember correctly it's in California...

Pinned Image
via coastal living magazine

I could move right in to any home she's ever done.
If I win the lottery she's my first call.
 Here are some pictures from a lakeside retreat she worked on...




 via At Home in Arkansas

Wish I could do this in our house

via At Home in Arkansas

but things like this
 will have to wait in our house
until our boys get older
and stop using things as weapons
 against each other :)

More lantern love...

 via At Home in Arkansas

Her talents extend to the outdoors as well.
She recently reno'd her backyard...
doesn't this look dreamy?

Pinned Image
via Southern Living

and I'm on pins and needles waiting for this...

I can't wait until her website is up and running!


  1. I came across your post while googling Heather like a super stalker. I had to share that I too have those pages of that Cottage Living issue torn out and saved in a binder. My favorite space she's done, and one that I come back to all these years later for decorating inspiration. Looking forward to her website!


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