Friday, February 8, 2013

get ready for 40 bags in 40 days

I first read about "40 bags in 40 days" on the blog Clover Lane.
Great blog read by the way.
She has six kids ranging from college age to newborn.
Her blog really spoke to me when my youngest was just a babe,
not sleeping, and I was seriously going nuts from sleep deprivation.
Then she posted about 40 bags...well that cinched it for me {being OCD and all}.

I did it last year and I'm excited to do it again.
Here's what I did...start with a list

On your list write down
40 areas of your home
that are cluttered or unorganized.
It can be a drawer, a closet,
a whole pick.

 Then every day
grab a huge garbage bag
and cleaning supplies.
Your mission?
To hit one area from the list
keeping this in mind...
40 bags in 40 days printable. [William Morris.]

I usually start by emptying out everything
 then I sort through it.
I consider each item and whether it is a
keep, donate or trash...
Here's where I try to be brutal...
Keep = I use it often and I really need it.

Donate = I don't really use it but one day I might need it.
STOP right now!
Be brutal...if I haven't used it in a year
then I make myself right then and there
 put it in the big black trash bag.
No going back in the bag, no second thoughts. GONE!

Trash = I haven't used &
nobody else can use it either
based on its condition.

Once I'm done with the designated area
I dust or clean the area
wiping down surfaces,
washing things as necessary...
then I take the bags of trash to the trash bin
and put the donate items in my car
so that I won't be tempted to go back through them.
I take them once a week
or the next time I'm out
by the nearest drop off point.
In my case I take them
to one of two church re-sale shops
that are close to our house.

So look around your house and make your list...
I'm making mine.
For more great tips on the 40 day challenge
check out clover lane.

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