Friday, February 15, 2013

kitchen reno

So you know that this so called kitchen reno started with me wanting a farmhouse sink.
That was the first domino.
Next was realizing that with our current countertops there would be a big gaping hole
with the new sink installed and nowhere to drill for faucets.
This just so happened around the time I found out that the company
that has done most of our home's painting projects inside and out now handles
 kitchen and bathroom remodeling work so I gave them a call.
That was two weeks ago and I'm still waiting on their bid.
I'm wondering if that's a sign.

This guy measured and we went over what I had in mind.
Then he called the next day and asked if I had the dimensions of the sink I wanted...
he wanted to give it to the plumber. I told him I did and he said "great...I want to give you the best price
so I'm going to call two different master plumbers and I'll call you back."
No phone call. No email response (I'd sent him the sink specs via email).
The next day still nothing and my youngest was out of school so we went to the park.
It was a glorious day at the park...met a friend with her kids and all the kids got along.
It was heaven.
Now my phone did ring several times when I was there but I didn't recognize the number.
They didn't bother to leave a message either so I ignored it the calls.
Apparently a guy named Joe used to have my same number and I get random calls for him alot.
Eight years later after getting the number.
Crazy right? 
I figured it was one of those calls.
I mean seriously -  if you thought we had an appointment
and you called my phone
wouldn't you have left a message
saying "Hey where are you? We had an appointment.
Remember? We're here waiting. Please call."
But no. No messages. Not one.

So after I get all the kids home later in the afternoon I check my email.
One is from the contractor.
He says...and I quote:
"We had two appointments today. One at 12 and the other at 1.
I was at both appointments. You were not."
Say what?
My blood pressure spiked.
Breathe Nancy.
Not only were there no emails or phone messages
but I would NEVER
and I repeat NEVER have made appointment
with any of my children home from school.
That would be a disaster.
Never. Would. Have. Done. It.

We've been screwed over so many times by contractors and when we look back
we realize their was a sign in the beginning that we shouldn't have used them.
I'm wondering.

I wrote him back and politely said
"sorry for the confusion but you told me you'd call me back
after you spoke to your plumbers and you did not.
I did not know we had appointments or I would have been there."
Seriously. I'm early or on time for everything.
I don't make appointments and not keep them.
That's not how I roll.
You know this right?
Enough of that junk...let's get to pictures and have some fun dreaming.

So my sweet friend Annette is building a house.
Lucky girl.
She's picked out her fixtures and she kindly shared some places she'd been recently that
she thought I should check out. Then she sweetly said she'd go with me.
She knows that I'm directionally challenged and she took pity on me.
Her little boy Landon was a dream during our adventure on Wednesday.
My kids would have been a nightmare. He took it all in stride and I thank them both so much.
We went to Dal-tile to start.
Immediately I fell in love with some backsplash ideas...
which do you like better?

beveled subway tile in a herringbone design
regular hand glazed subway tile
either horizontal or herringbone...

or my favorite...and of course most expensive...
marble tiles in a herringbone pattern

I also picked up some sample of black honed granite.
I've been pinning like a mad woman and half of them are of black honed granite or soapstone.
I learned alot today though and am rethinking it.
Black honed might drive me crazy because although you seal it
if you put your hand on it you can see the oil from said hand print.
Let me think about that for a minute...
three little boys + me with OCD = a big fat NO.
But the whole day, everywhere we went I kept asking about black honed granite.
And I got the same response.
Not recommended at all but if I really wanted it they'd sell it to me.

After we left Dal-tile we went to the Houston Design Center.
The ladies at the showroom we went to were super friendly and helpful
but they didn't sell granite rather slate and marble.
My husband nixed the slate when I brought it up and marble...well...I love the look
but it would bother me if it stained and let's face it  -stains are an everyday occurrence at my house.
But I still love it.

Moving on...we went to the slab yard for Dal-tile.
If it hadn't been for Annette I'd have never made it out there (or home for that matter).
I can now say I've been to Hempstead, Texas.
{update...apparently I was just on Hempstead Hwy not in Hempstead, TX
I told you I was directionally challenged}
They're in the midst of building a new showroom there and in all the construction we ended
up at their competitor's showroom before we even made it to theirs.
I'm glad we did because the guy at this other place was super knowledgeable.
He let Annette and I pick his brain for a long time.
Thankfully Annette had food and an iphone with Barney videos for Landon.
He's a trooper. Did I already mention that?
This other showroom was a distributor and installer of quartz products like
Silestone, CeasarStone, and Cambria to name a few.
We used Silestone a decade ago for our reno of our first house and we liked it alot.
I was amazed to learn that now these quartz products are way more expensive than granite.

The main thing to love about the quartz products are that they are easy to maintain and hold up well.
Now my husband on the other hand is all for granite.
Who will win? Not so sure right now but when I showed him the samples of all the black
granite he said "we have black granite right now...if I'm in on doing this I want it to be a big change."
He's right but I had to be convinced first about the honed granite first.
So what I'm thinking now is a white quartz product (don't tell him) OR
a white granite that looks like marble.
Should I mention the little ditty 'If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy?"
You know who the winner will be right?
Just not sure which way to go....

So let's talk re-sale for a minute.
This is not our forever house.
If an opportunity comes up for our family near PB
{and believe me we're looking}...well then we're gone.
Gone baby gone.
But we're also extremely happy where we are and with the school
our kids are attending for the next three years at least.
We're blessed enough to live in one of THE best parts of town in Houston
in the same neighborhood as Joni from Cote de Texas and designers like Sally Wheat.
Just saying this because I KNOW you've seen their work so you know what our house could be
up against when we put it on the market one day and if you don't know their work then look...

Here's Joni's kitchen with marble countertop and backsplash
Pinned Image

Here's the famous Sally Wheat kitchen
Pinned Image

same layout as our are so many of the houses in this 'hood.
I like it but I'm not willing to go gray with the cabinets...ours are staying white
{I think}
but note that farmhouse sink, faucet, and subway tile backsplash.
So as of right now this minute at least I'm thinking...
white granite or quartz countertops with subway tile backsplash...
Pinned Image

a Shaw farmhouse sink for sure
here it is with "thunder white" granite...Pinned Image

and if this just doesn't scream "Nancy's kitchen" then I don't know what will...
Pinned Image
via Traditional Home

Look closely at the marble herringbone backsplash...the countertops are ceasarstone.
And I love love love the apple green and blue accents.
I think I'm in!

That's just the first a woman's mind its subject to change without notice.

I did some research online and have saved at least $500 on the Shaw sink and Rohl faucet
based on the quote I got last month from a local showroom.
Plus it includes free shipping.
It pays to shop around.
I'll list sources when I know for sure I have the best deal.

And you know I checked for lighting.
More about that in another post though but its a good one...cost savings of thousands
compared to one I saw at Circa Lighting and it looks exactly the same.
Because seriously  - who is going to crawl up over a kitchen island to look at name brands?
I'd rather save the money and do more elsewhere as in St. Johns.

For now I want to see a quote for labor before I start purchasing.
I know the contractor bid will be on the high side.
I've got a tile guy coming for a separate installation quote for the counters and backsplash.
Stay tuned...this is going to be interesting.


  1. Love all this pictures, Nancy! I think all your backsplash choices are great options but I was leaning toward the marble herringbone smaller tile too. BTW, did you mean to say your "crazy" friend is building a house ... Can't decide if I'm lucky or crazy. :). Love how you mentioned how well behaved Landon was and left out the part about how I was plying him with Skittles the whole time! It was so fun going together ... I'm up for it again anytime. Oh, and you were on Hempstead Hwy, not in Hempstead, Tx. :)

  2. OH my have great ideas and taste...and I wish my writing was as entertaining as YOURS.


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