Thursday, February 7, 2013

revisting the master bath

I was looking for sources we've used before and came across this old post from 2011...
in case you missed it here's the story of our master bath reno...
Remember when house flipping was all the rage a few years ago, tv reno shows out the wazoo?
Well I like to say we do five year flips because we redid everything in our old house
and just about the time we were "done" five years and a set of twins later 
we sold it on a whim but that's a whole different story. 
We moved into this house nearly five years ago and have basically worked on every room bit by bit.
Some took longer than others and made us swear we'd never renovate again.
 Hence the story of the master bath...

Let me set the stage.
 Striped wallpaper with a border at the top a la the 1990's, 
brass fixtures galore including faucets from Ali Baba's palace,
and green slate tile floors with a crazy dingy ivory border all around,
a plastic shower stall with a brass trimmed enclosure.
Oh and a hotel hair dryer on the wall.
Take a look:

Remember this was five years ago when I was pregnant...those are maternity dresses below...

Now it could have been worse but I had a vision.
We didn't want to move anything just improve on what we had.
I dreamt of an overhead rain shower but that'll have to wait for another day and another house.
Overall I just wanted to tone down the brass (ie get rid of it) and update the shower and floors.

Now there's a long back story with this bathroom as to the "contractor"
(and I use that term very loosely)
 that we used to do the job...he was an arse
but I'll try to remember what I try to teach my kids...
I don't have anything nice to say about the "contractor" so I'll keep it to myself
(which is hard because there's also a saying in the south
"if you don't have anything nice to say come sit by ME.").
I will say though that I hope we learned our lesson in that he didn't show up for our first meeting.
That was our sign to cut bait with him.
Start as you mean to go people.
Listen to your gut, watch for signs.
He handed us one that said "do not use me...I will not live up to my word"
but we went with him based on the fact that he was a "friend" of a "friend"
and "he needed a job because times were tough".
We were stupid.

In sum it was a major cluster.
Lesson #2 learned...
do not do any deconstruction without ALL the materials being on site.
Period. The end.
The work got done yes but not with the materials I wanted
I had wanted hexagonal tile for the floors in the secondary baths.
Turns out the "contractor" didn't order what I wanted when I first told him what I wanted 
and by the time he figured out that the material required special ordering
they had already ripped up all the bathroom floors
(we did the floors of the secondary baths at the same time). AARRRGGHHHH!
In the end we hired another tile guy to fix stuff a few things
after the first team dragged their feet and we kicked them out of our house.

We bought oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls from Lowes when we first bought the house
and replaced every brass pull and door knob in the house so to be consistent
we ordered all oil rubbed bronze fixtures.
I ended up getting the best deal for the bathroom faucets and hardware
 from  You know I'm a deal shopper.
Here's the Delta faucet we used:
Delta 3555LF-216

They were cheaper than Lowes and I had a coupon discount code plus free shipping.
Can't beat that with a stick.

We also bought new Kohler toilets from Lowes...
we figured since the floor was ripped up anyway we may as well go for broke.

art by DG, age 2

For the shower enclosure we used a great local company.
 I would highly recommend them.

Long story short in pictures our master went from this

to this temporary yellow color
(a separate post is required to explain why we repainted it)


We had a can of SW Universal Khaki in the garage and decided to play it safe.
It fits the house, it fit our budget, and most importantly that fit our life right now.
We ended up replacing the mirror frames with something more updated
about a year after the initial reno.
Nothing is static in this house you know.
art by NM, age 3

art by NM, age 2

and from this

to this

Although no decor in my house should ever be considered final I'm happy with all the updates.
 The second tile guy paid us the biggest complement when he asked
what year the house was built and we said 1998.
He said he would have guessed around 2010.
I'll take it.

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