Friday, February 8, 2013

Saving you money

You know I love to save money.
Ok, let me clarify.
I like to save money so I can spend it elsewhere.
My husband is the one who loves to save it in the bank.
Not so much.
Glad we make a great team and he works with me and my obsessions.
I have a tiny budget every month that I can use to buy things,
no questions asked.
Here's where tell you how I spent money BUT saved money too.

Here is one of the best kept secrets of home decor stuff
in my opinion that is...

I found them a year or so ago when I was looking for glass floats.
They have those but so much more.
But remember I have a budget and honestly these things
just sat on my to-do list for at least a year.
Then I completely stumbled on this and fell in love

guess how much?
Shocking right?
To me it was because I'd been lusting over this one from Sundance

Pinned Image

I even had it on my "what I want...pretty please" board.
{You case I left pinterest open and my husband saw it.
Yeah, never happens.
He knows I pinterest and he knows its a problem
so he doesn't get involved.
Smart man.}
Thankfully I'd read the reviews online and they all said save your $145.
Yep you read right. $145.
I'll save my $100 thank you very much.
My plan is to use it for fruit but you could also put mini pots of herbs on it or both like this

Pinned Image

What else do they have you say?
How about some preserved boxwood?

Now we'll see when it arrives but this is some of the nicest and at $34 most affordable

Plus I'm also strangely drawn to wheat grass so I got one of these for our new table

For the bath I grabbed a bottle this soap by Savon de Marseille

Have you ever used this soap?
Well its divine...and I love me some lavendar and usually its a pretty penny.
Don't get me wrong, its still a pretty penny at $12 a bottle BUT
my skin is crazy quite sensitive and when you find something that smells good
and doesn't cause hives then, hey, I think you should go for it.
{note I only have it by my bathroom sink and the one I have has lasted for months).

I forgot to grab this but I will be getting it because its such a great deal
and I've been looking for one
{Mary...grab one too for sure}

If you grew up by the ocean like I did you're probably drawn to this
{or maybe not}
but these are great for potting orchids
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

The list goes on and on and at $50 its soon to be mine.
Normally you see them for hundred of dollars.
I like $50 better, dont you?

There's too much stuff on their site to list...go check it out for yourself.
If you find something you love let me know.
Maybe I'll get one too.

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