Friday, February 15, 2013

the secrets of happy families

There was a great article in last weekend's WSJ called
The main thing we took away from it and something we started immediately
was having a weekly family meeting where three questions are asked:
1) What went well in our family this week?
2) What didn't go well?
 3) What will we agree to work on this week?
Everyone gives their input and then it comes down to a vote for two areas of concern to work on.
We went around the table and asked each person to say
what they thought they did well this week and what they thought they could work on.
Then we asked the boys to name things they thought Mommy and Daddy could work on.
They LOVED that part.

We also reinforced that we're a team and every one has to chip in to help out.
All the boys helped with their assigned chores (another point the article mentions)
and I didn't feel like a mean mom asking for their help.
We've assigned chores before but alot of the time I'd just do it
because it was easier and quicker.
This week I had to remind them but I asked once and if they balked I reminded them
that I do many things I don't always WANT to do but that I did "xy and z"
because I love them and our family and that I know it helps our team.
We weren't perfect but I think it was a better week.

We also ordered the book that the article was based on:
Check it out here.

Its being published next week and I'll let you know how the read goes.

I also ordered another book that's been on my wish list FORever.
I started it last night and one chapter in I have to say I LOVE this book

and its the first used book I ever bought off amazon.
It was in perfect condition {previously owned by a library} and it was cheap!
A friend mentioned that he'd ordered used books for a school project recently
for pennies compared to me who bought all 30 books brand new for mucho dinero.
I'll be doing this from now on.

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