Monday, February 11, 2013

what I'm working on

I feel really scattered about.
Do you ever feel that way?
If you're a woman I think you know what I'm talking about.
Trying to multi-task but feel like maybe you're not making progress on anything.
Ugghh. I like to scratch stuff off my list and move on.
You know my little one starts kinder in the fall
and my plan is to go back to work
{for a paycheck that is}.
So right now I admit that I'm in a mad dash to finish things around here
that have been on my list FOREVER
{or more like 4 to 8 years.}

Here's where I am on my list...
1. Organize all our photos: 40,000 + pics scanned and transferred so far.
Yep, that was forty thousand.
I have the mac daddy of scanners and I finally learned how to use it.
You know I admit to being technically challenged sometimes.
After the first day of scanning images one by one
{can you say "cr-A cr-A" with me?}
I figured out a better system and scanned about a year's worth every day.
I scanned them into folders based on dates (or best estimates) and then subfolders
within each month with tags so I'll remember once my memory fades.

What's left to do?
Go through each folder by year and delete bad pics and rename photos as memory permits.
My mother-in-law insists I'll forget which kid is which and for once I'm listening.

2. Getting ready for "40 bags in 40 days"
...the decluttering of all clutter in the house.
For an obsessive compulsive leaning person like me
 this is just as good as losing 5 pounds.
Well nearly as good.

What's left to do?
Make my list of 40 places in the house that I'm going to be ruthless about cleaning.
Are you in?

3. Kitchen reno
Yep you read correctly.
I don't know how it happened.
Well actually I do.
It started with wanting a farmhouse sink.
You know its been on my project list for years.
One day my husband came home early recently while the kids were at school.
I was feeling blue and he said I'll do anything to cheer you up.
I said "will you go look at sinks with me?"
I know.
I'm weird.
So off we went to a kitchen design showroom.
I knew what I wanted...the holy grail of farmhouse sinks...a Shaw

Rohl RC3018

Then the dominoes fell.
The way our current sink and countertop is now
it would be impossible to replace our sink with a farmhouse sink like you see above
without replacing the current countertop.
Luckily my husband has always had his eye on replacing our current countertop.
Now granted its granite but its builder basic
and there are alot of seams
and it drives my husband crazy.

What's left to do?
I'm waiting on a contractor bid right now.
And the subsequent heart attack from the quote.
Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds.
You know a reno is never boring.
In the meantime I'm pinning kitchens like crazy and hope to post my plan soon.

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