Thursday, March 21, 2013

back on track

Sorry I've been MIA lately...
spring break kind of got me discombobulated but I'm back.
I realize now that I only have seven weeks until...
1. I have to squeeze myself into this
Bridesmaid Dresses by Color by David's Bridal - Guava (normally not a huge fan of satin, but I love the warmth of this colour! and the sillouette is delightful)
via david's
for my dear friend's wedding
2. do my second triathlon.
Yesterday I went to Athleta with my pal Joyce and I did the dreaded bathing suit try on.
Oy vey.
Glad I started my 5am bootcamp again on Monday.
This is what I picked for my swim training.
If you need a good strong suit with a nice cut this is the one.
Wish the color wasn't so bright.
Hopefully it'll distract people from looking at my cellulite :)
This is definite motivation to wake up at 430am
knowing I have to wrangle myself into this. sleeping in for me.
3. preschool ends for my youngest guy and therefore so does my so-called free time
{until he starts kinder in August...more on that life changer later}.
So basically I gotta get my groove on
and tie up loose ends with any house projects I have.
On a good note I spent earlier this week tackling my office closet.
I wish I'd have taken a before photo because you seriously would have doubted
my self-diagnosis of OCD if you'd have seen it.
Its been on my to-do list for YEARS but it was so over-whelming that I kept
pushing it to the bottom of the list.
I still have a bit to go as far as reviewing and shredding old documents we don't need
but I feel like its more organized which means
I can walk in it without pulling out boxes and bins to do so. Ha!
Gonna try to make my "hurry up and finish this" list today.
Stay tuned...

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