Friday, March 22, 2013


You know that I don't like to pay full price for anything.
But sometimes you just have to...or you'll miss out.
A few weeks back during our trip to SC I brought a stack of magazines
that I hadn't had time to read...among them my favorite More magazine.
I usually dog-ear the page if I like something.
I used to then rip out said page and put it in a towering stack of paper in
the closet that I cleaned out this week
 (after procrastinating about that closet for YEARS).
Anyway now with pinterest {aka where did the last four hours of my life disappear to?}
I just take my stack and pin it.
But I lent Laura my stack of magazines on the return flight.
Normally no worries but I'd seen this dress.
And I kept thinking about it.
Like crazy...cause its right up my alley.
Pull on and go.
Oh and it has a geometric pattern.
In navy.
Once we took Laura home I didn't see her for a week.
I knew the magazine it was in so I went to the grocery store
and stood there looking for it like a crazy woman...
because I forgot who made it.

Women's Long Sleeve Border Printed Shirt Dress from Lands' End Canvas
I'm holding up the check out line and for once I just don't care.
Finally I FOUND IT!
So I rush home to order it.
Are you kidding me?
For a week or so they took it off their site and I thought it was gone forever.
Because you KNOW that my obsessive self checked back every day.
Well baby it's back!
its on back order til the end of April.
I don't care.
I ordered it at full price today baby!
And I hope to the good Lord that it fits!
'Cause this is what I'm wearing to the outdoor rehearsal dinner for my girlfriend's wedding in May!
I was worried I'd have to get a formal dress but she told me this week
 its going to be BBQ in the backyard.
Casual...just the way I like it but in this get-up I'm calling it casual chic!
Click here to get yours too!
Don't forget to sign up for Lands End emails too
since they routinely send coupon codes
that you can't beat with a stick.
Plus they have a terrific return policy. Just saying.


Enjoy your weekend!

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