Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This past weekend my husband and I took our friend Laura on her first trip to the South.
It was perfect.
To me anyway :)...I hope Laura felt the same way.
Our flight was smooth thankfully.
As the plane descended I opened the window
and the sight of the meandering creeks in the salt marshes below made me cry.
I wasn't kidding in my "about me" section.
I sat there and thought "why on earth are you crying?"
I have, it seems to me, a love-hate relationship with
the place where I come from.
Its in my heart and in my bones.
But it's funny how memories of a certain time
can wreck your whole perception of something.
Kind of like food poisoning.
But those bad memories are fading and its getting easier to go back.
And I want to go back.
I long to go back.
And last weekend we did just that.
For about an hour :)
We flew in since it was the closet airport to Bluffton.
I called my dad from the rental car to see if they were home.
They were out to eat.
I found out the name of the restaurant and we made our way there.
I saw my dad sitting there and slinked around a corner
 then straightened up once I got within his sight.
He did a double take and in true Southern fashion when he recognized me said
"What in THE hell?"
I got him good.
My sweet cute in his buzz cut, now all silver and gray.
I'm glad I got to see my parents and
my sister Mary and her kids too. :)
Laura even had her first glass of sweet tea.
We later made our way over to Bluffton where we stayed with our friends
Jeff and Tracy who have a second home in PB.
We caught up over a wonderful dinner on site.
Is it wrong that I took a picture of the restaurant as we were leaving?
We closed the place down.
This picture does not do justice to the ceiling.
I'll try to do better next time.
Saturday we dragged poor Laura all over creation looking at real estate.
We saw homes for sale, homes under construction, and lots of land for sale.
Our friends Jeff and Tracy are so lovely and well loved that we met so many new people.
Laura said "wow, Jeff knows every body here."
That's the South I told her...nobody is a stranger
 and by the end of our weekend you'll know everybody too.
Which is how we were able to visit two houses under construction...
one with its own bowling alley.
No joke...
Apparently this area that looks like a pool is for the equipment for bringing the balls back.
Who knew?
The pool is upstairs and outside by the way.
The owners graciously showed us was unbelievable.
The main house has one bedroom and there are two separate guest houses.
I would live in the pool house if they let me.
Just saying.
As for places for us to live we both fell in like with one particular house...
more on that in another post.
The race was terrific...perfect weather, gorgeous surroundings, well-organized.
You know its going to be good when the water tables look like this

Yes...that is real cloth fabric...
hands down the fanciest half marathon we've ever done. 
And the bonus?
We both made another personal record best by going under the 2:10 mark.
Lots more pics to come...its spring break around here so free time to post is scarce.
Enjoy your day!

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