Thursday, March 21, 2013

what I want {pretty please}

I just got an email for a private sale at Tory Burch.
I hate it when that happens.
I love the look of her stuff, just not her price point.
I spend a long time contemplating on spending the $$$
and 9 times out of ten by the time I make up my mind its sold out.
Like this shirt that I fell in love with...
but at $90 I hesitate...
because honestly with three little boys the chances of me wearing this often
are slim to none.
Plus there are only two in stock.
Surely not going to last.
Chances are I won't buy anything.
I bought a pair of her flats once and honestly
they're just not comfortable for me.
I've worn them twice.
{If you want to buy a pair of size 8 lipstick red reva flats at a great price leave a comment below.}
For those of you without issues :)
there are some great deals on shoes, handbags, and clothes.
Check it out soon though as it only last a few days. the time I wrote this post my sweet shell from above had sold out.

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