Tuesday, March 5, 2013

what's for breakfast

I found a recipe on pinterest about a month ago for banana oatmeal cups
It snared me with the addition of chocolate chips.

Since then I've been not following experimenting with the base recipe every week...
to see the original recipe go to green lite bites blog
3 smashed bananas
1 cup milk (I used 2%)
2 eggs
1 tbsp Baking powder
3 cups Old Fashion or Rolled Oats (I like this brand from my local Safeway grocery)
1 tsp vanilla extract
Here are the things I've thrown in on my the handful :)

 mini chocolate chips
flax seed
cinnamon (read somewhere that it speeds metabolism but I just like the flavor)
applesauce (I once ran out of milk and substituted this instead of milk)
Basically I smash the bananas in a mixing bowl first then fold the other ingredients in.
Heat the oven to 375...spray my muffin pan first then pop in some cupcake liners.
I use a small measuring cup to dole it out into the liners...just easier and less messy to me.
Cook between 20 and 30 minutes until slightly brown on top.
Now the texture and flavor aren't like your normal will take some getting used to.
I like that I know what is in it and that most everything is healthy...
to me the flax seed cancels the chocolate chips but that's just my way of thinking :)
I cook a big batch on Sunday or Monday and I grab a couple for breakfast while I'm
getting everyone ready for school and work.
It prevents me from grabbing the nearest bagel or donut or whatever treat
is leftover from Sunday breakfast (my husband is a big fan of running out on Sunday to grab
treats for the boys...I love them too...just not what they do for my backside so I try to abstain).
If you try it and find good things to throw in let me know.
Now let's eat!

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