Monday, April 29, 2013

family expansion

I'm not pregnant.
But we did adopt in a way.
Here's a hint...

We got our first family pet.
A beta fish.
We've been promising the boys that we'd get a dog when they turned eight.
But this guy below is allergic to dogs and asthmatic so a dog is a no go...
but a fish we can do.
I think.
I was waiting to see if it survived the transition.
So far, so good.
After much debate about names...
first it was Fiesta.
then it became Fiesty.
I voted for Henry.
That was a no go too.
Long story short...his name is Bert.
And yes they are already laying their plan to get another to call Ernie.
I told them we'll talk after we change the water in the aquarium for the first time.
Hopefully he'll survive that too.
And leave it to me to find something décor-related at a fish store...
how about a high-vs-my on driftwood...
they have huge displays of driftwood
and grapevine (that to me looks just like driftwood) at a fish store.
I've seen single branches of driftwood for sale at big box stores for $60 and up.
If you're going for a coastal vibe in your home and want some of this stuff
save your money and go to your local fish store.
Who knew?

busy bee

So remember last summer when my friend Susan
was looking to re-do her living room...
her daughters were off to college and Susan's furniture went with them...
well she's been a busy bee these past few months.
and after...

yes that is a bigger tv
but hung on the wall
(way to go Marc)
The blue console is a thrift store find.
SCORE for around $100.
Susan painted it was white but I love the pop of color.

and after...

new IKEA slipcovered sofa
and a new coffee table from Ballard Designs.
Great job Susan :)
I wish I had more pictures to share.
{hint hint}
I love me some before and after pics don't you?


Saturday, April 27, 2013

more phone dump pics

In case you have a phone filled with pictures
I would suggest you take the time today to download them
to your computer...who knows what you'll find on there.
Like this pretty coastal scene at World Market...
They also had some pretty curtains.
Birds are in this year...
this one reminds me of Waverly's "Olana" fabric that I used for pillows a while back...
moving on to Target...
Laura if you still need a basket to throw remotes etc
this might be one to consider...
 they also have boxwood topiaries
but honestly the ones I bought at Sav-On crafts are much better looking.
Just saying...
Hobby Lobby has a lot of cute spring stuff out.
I saw these tablecloths...I wonder if you could
recover some dining chairs since they're "spillproof"
then you could just wipe them down with a cloth.
These Target pillows are for my sister Mary who is re-doing her living room.
She bought some awesome accent chairs in this teal color...
I many Target shoes can I consider?
From Round Top...
this blue and white lamp caught my eye.
It was HUGE!

Finally made it to Circa Lighting this week to look at pendants for over our island. 
Love love love this lantern....

but this Hicks pendant is what I came to look at...
although I liked this too...
unusual and it reminds me of driftwood for some reason (?)

Ok, enough shopping.
How about we all meet later and relax like this guy...

our four year old learning how to relax on his back when he needs a break
during swimming across the pool.
And finally in this picture dump...
meet our neighbor's cat.
He apparently uses our fountain as his water bowl.
Multiple times.

who would've thought...

to do this?
I happen to have some globe things...
you know...
the "as seen on TV" things that you fill with water
then stick in your flower pots
so that you don't have to water as often.
Don't judge.
They were a gift.
This could give me an excuse to drink more wine, no?
But you may want to peel the label first
so that your neighbors don't keep count with your alcohol intake.
Just saying :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

randoms from round top

found these pics on my phone.
they're from our day in round top last month.
cant wait to go back in the fall.
ok, let's shop...
saw this trumeau mirror marked for $250.
it was huge!
the dealer was ready to deal too!
thought of my friend Laura's entry way
but couldn't get any cell reception to ask her if she wanted it.
love me an antique scale...
especially a green one!

kicking myself for not grabbing this lovely...
came with a stand to boot!
next time I will not pass it by.

and this was rare...not too many cobalt blue demijohns
and this one was converted into a lamp.

and this sign made me giggle...
reminds me of growing up in Savannah.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

ramblings on the reno...countertops

So we have a plan for the kitchen reno...
more on that later...
I feel stuck at the countertops right now.

always in a southern state of mind

I've done a lot of due diligence,
going to tile stores and slab yards galore.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

stormy marsh

Organizing my pictures today
{yes, I'm STILL working on that project}
and was drawn to this one.
I wonder why?
{There was a tropical storm in the area during our visit last summer.}
This is the view of the marsh on the way to Tybee Island
looking towards
the island that I grew up on.
Even on a dark and gloomy day
the marsh is still incredibly beautiful to me.

musings on motherhood

During my morning blog crawl I stumbled on a post about this book...
 photo Desperate-6-15-672x1024-1_zps3b6a244b.jpg

Intriguing right?
If you're a mom with young children I highly suggest you read
It seriously sums up my life of the past nine years...
hard to believe its been that long since I first became a mother.
Now that my youngest is about to start kindergarten
I will sheepishly admit that I feel like I am having
a mid-{motherhood} crisis of sorts...
trying to figure out which way to go,
which road to take,
what to do with my time now
that the boys will all be in school.
I've been blessed to be a stay-at-home mom
since the twins were a few months old.
I've missed working outside the house though.
Call me crazy but I do.
But I know that I want to be the one with them
in their good times...
for all their "firsts" like first step and first day of school
but I especially want to be here for their bad times...
when they are acting the fool and throwing down
and having a rotten day and even worse attitudes.
This is not about which is "best" -
being a working versus stay at home mom.
Please don't think that.
Just trying to figure out what's best for my family.
That's all.

I quit my job when the boys were four months old.
We had a nanny briefly...
but with two babies on oxygen tanks
and monitors
for months
it was a mess.
Add to that
I was a mess.
It was such a struggle for us to have kids.
I don't know that I've said that on here before.
I didn't talk about it for years.
It was hell at times.
I'm gonna lie.
But it was worth it.
Every single minute of it.
And in a way...motherhood in general is like that.
To me anyway...some of you might not agree and that's ok.

Yesterday I was swimming.
Trying to be all zen in the pool and calm my breath.
Trying not freak out when I got tired swimming but I couldn't stop.
I have to build my distance for that dang triathlon I signed up for
{a year ago I might add when I was feeling like super woman
having JUST learned how to swim
and surviving my first tri without dying :)}
Every time it was time for me to turn my head to breathe
I felt like I was just under the water and it was taking forever to surface.
You know that feeling like you just might drown?
Well that was me.
Parenthood with small children is like that too at times.
You're so tired from life with littles
that sometimes you can't or don't know how to take that
all too necessary breath and you get worn out.
I'm breathing more now that they're older and sleeping more.
Its both a delicious and scary time right now...
trying to find that mysterious balance of
finding that girl I once was while being
the kind of mama I want to be to my boys.
A girl's gotta dream right?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


When we were in Round Top I saw lots of strands of beads for sale.
I was hoping for a turquoise necklace but never saw one.
Look what I found...
Exactly what I've been looking for!
Best part?
Try its only $35.
Happy Mother's Day to ME!

shop design spark for more lovelies.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


As in Joe Fresh.
I know.
I'd never heard of it the brand until I saw this dress in a magazine
I tried to track it down but at the time Joe Fresh was only in Canada.
Then one day I clicked through an email from jcpenney and voila there they were.
JCP is having some business difficulties lately...good luck to them
and as long as they keep bringing hip new designers on board I think they'll be fine.
Like the name the styles are fresh...

The best thing besides the hip styles is the price point...under $49 for most pieces...
some of the dresses I love are around $20!
You can't beat that with a stick.
Check out the line for yourself at

Use the code "BUDDIES" for 20% off through April 22.
Also get free shipping for orders over $75.

all images via on pinterest

i know, i know

...that I just railed on the disaster drink dispenser idea in the laundry room
Look closely...
it says "Savannah"
Is it wrong that I am tempted to try it again with these?
I know.
I'm not right.
Maybe I'll just get one in case I ever get over my phobia of entertaining?
Less than $20...and summer's never know what might happen.
Party anyone?

Friday, April 19, 2013


Anybody out there have a nest?
Says it learns your patterns of a/c & heating use then it comes up with
programs based on your usage.
Scary freaky smart right?
maybe if mine were better looking I wouldn't mind it cluttering my wall?
Here's a great WSJ article on it or visit the nest website.
Now I just have to get a smartphone so I can control it while I'm away.
Could be a win-win situation.
Stay tuned to see if I can convince the hubs.

mama needs a new pair of shoes

not really.
I just want new shoes.
My problem is I don't like to spend money on shoes.
Except for running...that's where I don't scrimp.
So the other day I'm doing my blog crawl and I see these
Now normally I am not a sparkly kind of girl...
I mean, I sparkle :) don't get me wrong
but I'm not an attention seeker
when it comes to fashion.
Never met a t-shirt I didn't like to wear.
But I saw these shoes
and I was at Target (sorry honey)
and well
I just had to grab them.
They're $16.
What a way to dress up my typical t-shirt and shorts right?
So maybe while I was there I was wandering about
and I saw these super cute shoes...
And then I saw that they were actually girls not women's sandals.
So I looked around to make sure I didn't know anybody.
And I tried them on in the largest size they had.
And super scary secret...they fit!
Who knew?
So me...big foot...or should I say
 "thanks to child-bearing my feet have gone up one size both ways"
my size 8 wide feet fit in a girls size 6.
Go figure.
And while I didn't get those particular ones I did get these...
I know...they're not sexy but they look good on and more importantly
I know if my youngest starts running off
{because that's how he rolls}
then I can catch him in these without breaking an ankle
plus who doesn't love the pattern on the heel?
or the price tag of under $20.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

swing and a miss

A few months ago I pinned this image...
For laundry room...instead of the ugly tide bottle, use a drink dispenser for detergent.
What a great idea right?
Using a beverage dispenser to hold laundry detergent.
I searched for glass ones and finally found them at World Market
while I was there buying our new dining set.
While I had to wait on my husband to help me set up the table
I went to work cleaning out the laundry room cabinets and filling these babies up!
I repurposed a big tray to hold everything...
{sorry I didn't take a pic of it}

Much better than plastic bottles right?
Oh yeah.
Until they start clogging up that is.
And you have to use something sharp to pull the
congealed plug out to make it flow...
Don't think I didn't try things to make it work right.
You know I'm a chemist right?
Drove me nuts.
I've tried for months now to deal with it but I'm done.
So its out with the liquids and in with the granules...
I'm all about powder detergent for now.
 I'm going to get more of the glass canister jars from Target
{like the one in the middle above that holds my oxiclean}

Isn't there a website for failed pinterest experiments?
I'm pretty sure this qualifies.
A definite swing and a miss.
Save your beverage dispensers for parties people
not for laundry rooms.
Lesson learned.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the first punch

Last week I decided to get serious about my skin.
You know I'm a beauty product junkie.
I never met a sample I didn't love to try.
I'm embarrassed to tell you how many drawers in my bathroom hold
lotions, potions, and the like.
A few weeks ago I went to the dermatologist.
I've been to some in the past for issues with my
sensitive, psoriasis-prone, aging, sagging, over-40,
you have got to be kidding me that I still break out skin...
but never for skin care itself.
Apparently you can add to that list rosacea.
Who knew?
I just thought my skin was so clean it was glowing red.
Uh, yeah, no.
Its rosacea.
She recommended a "foto facial."
Before I left they took some pictures of my skin with this machine called visia.
It's basically a skin analysis that approximates sun damage, wrinkles, pore size, etc.
The higher the number the better.
Some of my numbers weren't so great...
especially redness (duh) and sun damage.
So I left with my brochures, went home and googled.
Then I asked around, researched, and stared in the mirror.
You know that I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my "bestie-from-back-home"'s wedding.
That kind of pushed me over the edge.
I decided to put on my gloves and fight back.
And it hurt.
Not gonna lie.
But only a little and only for one second at a time.
Here's how it went down:
I had to go in about two hours before the procedure
so that they could apply numbing cream.
Oh and then they put saran wrap on top of that.
Good times.
Then you just lie back and relax...I just read a book and enjoyed the excuse
of not being able to multi-task and scratch things off my to do list.
When the time was up for the numbing cream to do its job
a tech came in and cleaned my face then she handed me a tube.
What up with that?
Oh its a cooling fan she explained.
Uh oh, what have I done?
That can't be good.
Then the PA came in...a fellow twin mom...with her beautiful glowing skin.
I told her I was scared and maybe I should just take my numb face and go.
She laughed and said that was normal.
She also said she'd just had some filler put in her face that morning
and had done a foto facial herself to prevent bruising.
Have to say that made me feel better.
That she just had one and didn't look like a monster.
We got to talking and I relaxed as she put some ultrasound lotion on my face.
Then she started zapping.
It wasn't that bad and I would tell you if it was.
Around my chin and lower face it was like a little rubber band snapping.
The higher she went on my face ie the less fatty tissue
I'll admit I may have jumped when she did was like a little slap-sting
zinging  you for about a second but that was it.
Thirty minutes later we were done.
I looked in the mirror expecting the worst.
 Seriously - my face was a little red but that was it.
Oh and did I mention how smooth it was?
Like a baby's bottom.
Over the next few days the dark spots are supposed to come up to the surface
 and slough away when I use my clarisonic and with my routine retinol use.
No special anything...just business as usual.
No face peeling off, no nothing.
I can tell an immediate difference in the reduction of redness
 especially around my nose
where she zapped all the little broken capillaries.
I have to say I'm a fan.
It's been nearly a week and my skin feels great.
Now to save my pennies to do it again.
Let me also say that I'm a fan of two products they gave me samples of...
first is this SPF 46 facial sunscreen...
perfect for my acne prone skin...
so far no breakouts and I've been fanatical about using it for two weeks now
since my little Visia photo freaked me out...
You know me...came home and googled it to find the best price.
Amazon was the winner at $20.
This one is pricey but I'm liking it...
These are touted as its benefits on the website...
"Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Helps to reduce redness
Contains peptides known to stimulate collagen.
Provides a more even skin tone."
and I'm a believer so far.
I found it at
Be sure to look for coupon codes before you buy...
I used one I'd gotten via email for 20% off
plus I got free shipping and three free samples.
And who wouldn't like all that?

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