Monday, April 29, 2013

family expansion

I'm not pregnant.
But we did adopt in a way.
Here's a hint...

We got our first family pet.
A beta fish.
We've been promising the boys that we'd get a dog when they turned eight.
But this guy below is allergic to dogs and asthmatic so a dog is a no go...
but a fish we can do.
I think.
I was waiting to see if it survived the transition.
So far, so good.
After much debate about names...
first it was Fiesta.
then it became Fiesty.
I voted for Henry.
That was a no go too.
Long story short...his name is Bert.
And yes they are already laying their plan to get another to call Ernie.
I told them we'll talk after we change the water in the aquarium for the first time.
Hopefully he'll survive that too.
And leave it to me to find something décor-related at a fish store...
how about a high-vs-my on driftwood...
they have huge displays of driftwood
and grapevine (that to me looks just like driftwood) at a fish store.
I've seen single branches of driftwood for sale at big box stores for $60 and up.
If you're going for a coastal vibe in your home and want some of this stuff
save your money and go to your local fish store.
Who knew?

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