Friday, April 19, 2013

mama needs a new pair of shoes

not really.
I just want new shoes.
My problem is I don't like to spend money on shoes.
Except for running...that's where I don't scrimp.
So the other day I'm doing my blog crawl and I see these
Now normally I am not a sparkly kind of girl...
I mean, I sparkle :) don't get me wrong
but I'm not an attention seeker
when it comes to fashion.
Never met a t-shirt I didn't like to wear.
But I saw these shoes
and I was at Target (sorry honey)
and well
I just had to grab them.
They're $16.
What a way to dress up my typical t-shirt and shorts right?
So maybe while I was there I was wandering about
and I saw these super cute shoes...
And then I saw that they were actually girls not women's sandals.
So I looked around to make sure I didn't know anybody.
And I tried them on in the largest size they had.
And super scary secret...they fit!
Who knew?
So me...big foot...or should I say
 "thanks to child-bearing my feet have gone up one size both ways"
my size 8 wide feet fit in a girls size 6.
Go figure.
And while I didn't get those particular ones I did get these...
I know...they're not sexy but they look good on and more importantly
I know if my youngest starts running off
{because that's how he rolls}
then I can catch him in these without breaking an ankle
plus who doesn't love the pattern on the heel?
or the price tag of under $20.

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