Saturday, April 27, 2013

more phone dump pics

In case you have a phone filled with pictures
I would suggest you take the time today to download them
to your computer...who knows what you'll find on there.
Like this pretty coastal scene at World Market...
They also had some pretty curtains.
Birds are in this year...
this one reminds me of Waverly's "Olana" fabric that I used for pillows a while back...
moving on to Target...
Laura if you still need a basket to throw remotes etc
this might be one to consider...
 they also have boxwood topiaries
but honestly the ones I bought at Sav-On crafts are much better looking.
Just saying...
Hobby Lobby has a lot of cute spring stuff out.
I saw these tablecloths...I wonder if you could
recover some dining chairs since they're "spillproof"
then you could just wipe them down with a cloth.
These Target pillows are for my sister Mary who is re-doing her living room.
She bought some awesome accent chairs in this teal color...
I many Target shoes can I consider?
From Round Top...
this blue and white lamp caught my eye.
It was HUGE!

Finally made it to Circa Lighting this week to look at pendants for over our island. 
Love love love this lantern....

but this Hicks pendant is what I came to look at...
although I liked this too...
unusual and it reminds me of driftwood for some reason (?)

Ok, enough shopping.
How about we all meet later and relax like this guy...

our four year old learning how to relax on his back when he needs a break
during swimming across the pool.
And finally in this picture dump...
meet our neighbor's cat.
He apparently uses our fountain as his water bowl.
Multiple times.

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  1. Love the cat drinking out of your fountain, could you move next door and bring your fountain? But seriously, you photo dump was great! Love seeing all those fab things!


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