Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I saw this on pinterest this morning and I had to laugh...
I love love love it.
I have it in our front and back yards...and like the pin says its easy to grow.
I had been waiting on a landscaper to come and spruce up our front flower beds,
something I usually do myself but this year my husband suggested we hire someone since
I wanted some things moved around and also a tree planted.
If you've been to my house you probably know that I had planted these little rosemary plants
at the edge of our front flower beds on either side.
Over the past two years I'd say
they really took off.
Like I wish I had taken a picture because I could have won a prize
for the world's tallest rosemary bush.
So last week the landscape guys show up to do the job.
I was inside cleaning and doing stuff and as stealth like as they showed up
at around 2pm they disappeared.
I walked outside like a kid on Christmas morning.
It looked great.
But one thing.
My rosemary bushes were gone.
My neighbor was outside and said how much he liked it "especially now
that the jungle was gone" meaning the rosemary bushes.
No he didn't.
Yes he did.
No wonder he's not married anymore.
Would it make you wonder about my sanity to know that I cried?
I think it was just all the emotions of last week and my friend passing...
I can't really explain it and I feel pretty dumb admitting it but I cried.
Over a rosemary plant {although some might have called it a tree}.
Thankfully now it makes me laugh...
because as I keep telling my kids -
change is good.
And I bet you'll never look at rosemary without thinking about how it made some
crazy girl in Texas cry.

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