Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Round Top roundup

After living in Texas for over a decade I can finally say I made it to Round Top.
Definitely a pilgrimage that every design addict should make
and I'm so glad that I went with people who knew what they were doing.
My sweet peeps Erin, LaVerne, Susan, and Rena let me tag along with them on Friday
and we had THE best time.
Now I'll admit when they first said that we would leave at 8am and would get back at 7pm
I kind of thought "what could be possibly shop for for that long?"
Now I know.
It was amazeballs.
Sorry to be crude but seriously - it was that good.
We made it to Round Top lickety split thanks to LaVerne.
Now the thing to understand about these ladies
is that they do this trip twice a year
 and have for years.
They knew where to stop for the cleanest bathrooms,
where to park,
where to eat,
where to shop,
and as equally important where not to shop.
A huge tip that I wouldn't have thought of...
we drove to Warrenton first
{so from bottom to top on this map}

map of case i ever get to go
via holly mathis
going through all the towns along the way
and avoiding the long lines that weren't so clever
and were now snaking along slowly to get to Warrenton.
 Good move!

I'm telling you these ladies could run a paid tour of Round Top.
Just saying.

We paid $5 to park in what is usually a horse field
and then we started on our hunt...
it took me a while to take it all in but once I did

Metal letters were everywhere,
every shape, color, and price.
I picked these up at various vendors and all were under $20.
They are the first initials of my boys' names in case you're wondering.
Going to hang them in their rooms somewhere...

I don't know what the exact term is for these bowls...
they're not antique but rather handmade in bulk in Mexico...
they too were everywhere.
It reminded me of old dough bowls -
I saw some real ones but they were over $100 -
not worth it to me
since I just bought it thinking I'd put crayons in it for the boys.
Originally that is...

When I got home I put some of my seashell collection in it...
still considering where to put it,
wish I could use it on the console table behind the sofa
I know I'd find them broken everywhere
 once somebody who shall remain nameless
decided to use them as weapons against his older brothers.
Next time I'm buying a few of these...excellent buy at $20.
Real mango wood + handmade = better than Target bowls to me

We decided to grab some lunch early to avoid the inevitable crowds...
but the line at Royers Café had started early.
Guess everybody had the same idea.
It went quick though
and we were serenaded by a men's choir that was phenomenal
while I had hands down the most delicious potato salad ever!
(and that's a big statement coming from a Georgia girl)

We continued shopping and walking then headed towards Round Top itself
where we stopped for pie and cookies at...
where else
Royers Pie Haven.
Royer's Pie Haven, Round Top Texas

'cause you know this girl has got to eat (plenty)
but believe me we walked it all off.

We went to all the little shops in Round Top.
By this time it was late in the day but we continued on towards La Bahia
{though we didn't actually make it there}
where we stopped at Blue Hills...
Hands down
I thought that Blue Hills had the best stuff for the best price...
tell it to your neighbor!: How To: Round Top, Part 2 (map included)
 I picked up this beautiful antique glass fishing float for $35.
I've never seen one, a real one, for anything under $150 so I consider this a complete score.

How cool is this?
This is an antique Chinese cookie mold...the dealer said its from the early 1900's...
I only care about the symbol inside...
its the "double happiness" symbol and I about died when I saw it.
One of my goals was to find another double happiness blue and white jar
to add to my collection and I was sad that I didn't see any BUT
finding this, something so unique, completely made up for it in my book.
A SCORE at $19.
Ok, now this...can you tell what it is?

Its a long candle votive holder made from a wine barrel...
I picked the one with the wine hold in the middle...
not sure what to put in the center hole but hopefully it will come to me :)


think this one was $25 for the whole thing including the candles.

That's all I girlfriends bought things like a painting,
a HUGE wine demijohn that was the most beautiful amber brown...
all very cool, unique items that you can't find in stores.
I passed on things I wish I didn't...
like some coral sea fans for $15 each that the dealer said were now illegal to import
but since he had them already he could legally sell.
Wish I'd grabbed those to frame later.
Live and learn.

Last but not least we stopped at Leftovers Antiques on 290 on the way back to Houston.
I've passed by it a hundred times on the way to Austin but never stopped
because I knew my husband would roll his eyes and my kids would throw down
at the thought of me disappearing into an antique store for who knows how long.
Then last week I saw on Holly's blog that this was a new sponsor.
They had the most beautiful stuff.
I'm definitely going back.
We said hello to Carolyn and told her we'd seen her on the blog.
She was so cute and tickled that we mentioned seeing her on holly's blog.
Cutest thing ever.
She threw her arms up in the air and cheered.
Did I mention that they had free wine?
And maybe I had a glass.
Or two.
We cheered with Carolyn too.
After that and no dinner I was laughing so hard my face hurt.
And I'm so thankful that LaVerne let me stay in the car because we were
hooting and hollering in the back seat all the way home...
and I can't think of a better way to end my first trip to Round Top, Texas!


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