Wednesday, April 24, 2013

stormy marsh

Organizing my pictures today
{yes, I'm STILL working on that project}
and was drawn to this one.
I wonder why?
{There was a tropical storm in the area during our visit last summer.}
This is the view of the marsh on the way to Tybee Island
looking towards
the island that I grew up on.
Even on a dark and gloomy day
the marsh is still incredibly beautiful to me.


  1. I am completely in love with all things Georgia Coast! When my husband ripped me from Savannah 6 years ago(he had already done this to me before)I cried for weeks, watching the street cams every single day. Each year when we go "home" as the kids call it...I see the marsh and smell the marsh and I too feel like I've come home. Love the pic from Tybee...did you take it?

  2. Hi Tamyra,

    Thanks for your note. I did indeed take that picture...hence its blurriness :) We were going about 55 and the winds were blowing the car all over the place. Lucky to get that shot at all. I too call it "home" although not in front of my hubby :) even though I left over a decade ago.



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