Wednesday, April 17, 2013

swing and a miss

A few months ago I pinned this image...
For laundry room...instead of the ugly tide bottle, use a drink dispenser for detergent.
What a great idea right?
Using a beverage dispenser to hold laundry detergent.
I searched for glass ones and finally found them at World Market
while I was there buying our new dining set.
While I had to wait on my husband to help me set up the table
I went to work cleaning out the laundry room cabinets and filling these babies up!
I repurposed a big tray to hold everything...
{sorry I didn't take a pic of it}

Much better than plastic bottles right?
Oh yeah.
Until they start clogging up that is.
And you have to use something sharp to pull the
congealed plug out to make it flow...
Don't think I didn't try things to make it work right.
You know I'm a chemist right?
Drove me nuts.
I've tried for months now to deal with it but I'm done.
So its out with the liquids and in with the granules...
I'm all about powder detergent for now.
 I'm going to get more of the glass canister jars from Target
{like the one in the middle above that holds my oxiclean}

Isn't there a website for failed pinterest experiments?
I'm pretty sure this qualifies.
A definite swing and a miss.
Save your beverage dispensers for parties people
not for laundry rooms.
Lesson learned.

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