Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the first punch

Last week I decided to get serious about my skin.
You know I'm a beauty product junkie.
I never met a sample I didn't love to try.
I'm embarrassed to tell you how many drawers in my bathroom hold
lotions, potions, and the like.
A few weeks ago I went to the dermatologist.
I've been to some in the past for issues with my
sensitive, psoriasis-prone, aging, sagging, over-40,
you have got to be kidding me that I still break out skin...
but never for skin care itself.
Apparently you can add to that list rosacea.
Who knew?
I just thought my skin was so clean it was glowing red.
Uh, yeah, no.
Its rosacea.
She recommended a "foto facial."
Before I left they took some pictures of my skin with this machine called visia.
It's basically a skin analysis that approximates sun damage, wrinkles, pore size, etc.
The higher the number the better.
Some of my numbers weren't so great...
especially redness (duh) and sun damage.
So I left with my brochures, went home and googled.
Then I asked around, researched, and stared in the mirror.
You know that I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my "bestie-from-back-home"'s wedding.
That kind of pushed me over the edge.
I decided to put on my gloves and fight back.
And it hurt.
Not gonna lie.
But only a little and only for one second at a time.
Here's how it went down:
I had to go in about two hours before the procedure
so that they could apply numbing cream.
Oh and then they put saran wrap on top of that.
Good times.
Then you just lie back and relax...I just read a book and enjoyed the excuse
of not being able to multi-task and scratch things off my to do list.
When the time was up for the numbing cream to do its job
a tech came in and cleaned my face then she handed me a tube.
What up with that?
Oh its a cooling fan she explained.
Uh oh, what have I done?
That can't be good.
Then the PA came in...a fellow twin mom...with her beautiful glowing skin.
I told her I was scared and maybe I should just take my numb face and go.
She laughed and said that was normal.
She also said she'd just had some filler put in her face that morning
and had done a foto facial herself to prevent bruising.
Have to say that made me feel better.
That she just had one and didn't look like a monster.
We got to talking and I relaxed as she put some ultrasound lotion on my face.
Then she started zapping.
It wasn't that bad and I would tell you if it was.
Around my chin and lower face it was like a little rubber band snapping.
The higher she went on my face ie the less fatty tissue
I'll admit I may have jumped when she did was like a little slap-sting
zinging  you for about a second but that was it.
Thirty minutes later we were done.
I looked in the mirror expecting the worst.
 Seriously - my face was a little red but that was it.
Oh and did I mention how smooth it was?
Like a baby's bottom.
Over the next few days the dark spots are supposed to come up to the surface
 and slough away when I use my clarisonic and with my routine retinol use.
No special anything...just business as usual.
No face peeling off, no nothing.
I can tell an immediate difference in the reduction of redness
 especially around my nose
where she zapped all the little broken capillaries.
I have to say I'm a fan.
It's been nearly a week and my skin feels great.
Now to save my pennies to do it again.
Let me also say that I'm a fan of two products they gave me samples of...
first is this SPF 46 facial sunscreen...
perfect for my acne prone skin...
so far no breakouts and I've been fanatical about using it for two weeks now
since my little Visia photo freaked me out...
You know me...came home and googled it to find the best price.
Amazon was the winner at $20.
This one is pricey but I'm liking it...
These are touted as its benefits on the website...
"Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Helps to reduce redness
Contains peptides known to stimulate collagen.
Provides a more even skin tone."
and I'm a believer so far.
I found it at
Be sure to look for coupon codes before you buy...
I used one I'd gotten via email for 20% off
plus I got free shipping and three free samples.
And who wouldn't like all that?

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