Sunday, April 14, 2013


Happy Sunday!
It's still early here but I feel like I've already accomplished a lot.
You know I'm signed up for another triathlon.
Yeah, I'm kicking myself for that decision.
Seemed like a great idea last year when I did it.
This year...not so much.
The tri is in a month and before this morning I hadn't been on a bike in...
well...a year...since last year's triathlon.
Trying not to panic here.
Baby steps right?
We met before the sun came up and rode our bikes then ran.
In a word it was ugly.
But we did it.
Now we just have to do more of it
for the next few weeks.
Enough excuses...
it's game on and
because I'm doing this tri with a bunch of wonderful girlfriends...
I love you ladies!
Thanks for hanging with this old broad :)
Like I always say...we may not be fast but we sure are fun!

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