Monday, May 13, 2013

another one bites the dust

Triathlon number two = done!
For that I am beyond grateful.
We had a wonderful weekend...
Saturday after the race my girlfriends and I were able to lounge
by the pool while my husband took charge of our crew.
He went on one endless loop of water slide rides for hours
so that I could recover from the race and chat.
It was pure heaven.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and
a very happy Mother's Day!
Usually I find that Mother's Day is the best day of the year...
yesterday not so much.
My youngest guy woke up early asking what day we were going home.
I told him that day after breakfast and he broke down in tears.
He loved the hotel and said he never wanted to leave.
At first it was sweet but after explaining how hotels work
for the fiftieth time
it became kind of irritating.
At 5:46 in the morning.
The day just went downhill from there.
All the kids were in a mood,
fighting over every little thing.
I just sat there, stunned, thinking to myself
 "is this really how my "best day of the year" is going to go?"
Uh, apparently, yes.
I didn't get mad though.
I got really sad.
I looked my kids behavior this weekend and felt really let down...
like I've just really failed.
My husband even said the same thing Saturday night after
we went to dinner and a couple of them flaked out
and maybe one threw down
{sorry if you were at the hotel and witnessed that debacle}.
Not pretty.
My kids could tell I was upset because I just kind of clamped down and stopped talking.
A sure sign something is amiss if I'm not chatting away.
Just suck it up I kept telling myself.
Tomorrow is another day.
But I wanted "my day" to go smoothly and quietly.
Bratty I know but a mom can dream right?
Finally we made it back home and unpacked.
I checked my emails and found one from the lovely Mary Ann
of the beautiful blog classic casual home.
She featured one of my posts from a few months ago
about the passing of my friend Emily.
I clicked through and re-read my post.
It was like a big ding in the head.
Get over yourself Nancy.
Motherhood is like a roller coaster...
if you choose to get on then you just have to
let go and take the ups and downs as they come.
Some people don't get the chance to finish the ride that is parenthood.
It reminded me to be thankful for the bad as well as the good.
As I was tucking the boys into bed last night
one of the twins apologized and said he was sorry that he made the wrong
choices and fought with his brothers and "ruined my Mother's day."
I told him that I really had a nice day after all.
Like my dad always says "every day is a great day" because nothing is guaranteed.
Every day that God allows us to wake up and face the day is a good one.
Then my sweet boy said "Mom, I'm glad God sent me here to you and Dad."
It doesn't get any better than that.

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