Wednesday, May 15, 2013

last day

My littlest little turns five tomorrow.
Last night as we were settling into the chair to read books before bed
I pulled him into my lap.
He said "Do you want to hold me like a baby?"
I said "Oh yes please because soon you'll be five
and you won't be a little baby or a little boy any more.
You'll be a big boy who's about to go to kindergarten.
No more baby any more."
And then I started to cry.
I know.
I'm goofy like that.
Zb pulled my hands down from my eyes and said
 "Mama, don't cry.
These things have to happen.
Birthdays come and everybody has a birthday once a year.
It's ok."
I wish I could remember what else he said
but I was trying so hard to remember the
"these things have to happen" part.
We bantered back and forth
and I said that I wouldn't cry anymore.
We agreed that today we would celebrate his last day of being four.
I'll try my best to keep it together and not fall out crying.
I can't promise though.
Because one of my favorite blogs
had this post today
and I'm pretty sure she's talking directly to me...
Parenting inspiration,

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