Thursday, May 23, 2013

nearly there...

just trying to make a final decision on a few things
before we start the kitchen reno.
I'm in a debate about the sink.
I know...yawn, right?
Like who perseverates over a kitchen sink?
Uh, that would be me.
What I really thought I'd do is this winning combo
of a Rohl bridge faucet with Shaw sink
like Tessa from nine+ sixteen...
but silly me mentioned some reviews to the hubs
{that said because the sink is handmade it doesn't drain properly
and that water might pool in areas...also
it weighs a TON and the cabinet will have to be
reinforced to support it.
For my hubby who doesn't like to put a nail hole in a wall
you can see why this is a problem for him.}
so he's against using it now.
This is our backup...
Very lovely and seemingly easier to install.
Waiting to hear from my contractor before I buy.

Let's talk faucets...
Its between the Rohl faucet above or this one also by Rohl
Gotta get hubby to cast his vote.
Do you want to vote?
Leave a comment below.
Moving on...
We're going with London Gray Caesarstone for the countertops
and a white subway tile for the backsplash
but to make it fun
we're doing this herringbone pattern
Kind of reminds me of chevron.
Imagine that.
Here are the new pendant lights for above the island
Loading image ...
to look something like this
I originally thought I wanted a lantern {or two}
but Mary Ann made a good point
about having to clean the lantern glass
constantly since its over the stove.
I know how much my dining room lantern gets dusty
and there's never anyone in this room much less rising vapors.
so I think this is a great call...
if these get grimy I only need to wipe them down around the outside
{in the DR I have to perch precariously on the table.
not recommended.}
The island itself and two other cabinet ends will get
a little razzle dazzle with some trim work detail
kind of like this
to make the cabinets look more like furniture.
All this will be followed by a splash of paint...
making mine green...
{but not this green} :)
There it is.
Our little plan for the kitchen reno.
We ready to roll once I decide on the final sink and faucet.
Oh and I have to figure out what to do with the kids during the day
since I don't want them around to breathe in all the dust and fumes.
Especially the one with asthma.
Any volunteers?

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  1. LOL I just spent two weeks agonizing over which faucet to choose for our powder room redo! Glad I am in good company!


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