Friday, May 10, 2013


that's what I am today.
Getting ready for "that dang triathlon" tomorrow.
This time tomorrow I'll be huffing and puffing on my bike.
Say a little prayer for me and my peeps as you're drinking your morning coffee, ok?

In the meantime
here's what
will be going through my head...

who would have thought that
I'd be doing triathlons in my 40's?
Uh yeah, that would be me.
If somebody had told me that at 20
I'd have thought they were plum-crazy.
Because I really never ever thought I'd get over my fear of water.
Last year I swam the race with a scuba mask...
I still had a thing about water in my nose.
This year its just me and a pair of goggles.
Baby steps people.
Baby steps.

and I'm not fast by any means but that's ok...

At least I'm better than I was.
I'll take it.
What about you?
What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?

My brother-in-law always says
"the bashful go hungry."
Is there something you want to do but you're afraid?

Stay positive!
Dream big!
I'll try and do the same :)

Have a lovely weekend!
Happy Mother's Day!

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