Friday, May 17, 2013

no doubt

How funny is the universe that this pin popped up today at the top of my list
so that I'd be sure to see it?
I did my morning post about taking chances
but being afraid to do so.
Then I see the pin above.
So I'm just gonna throw this out in the universe...
here's what I'm planning to do...

I'm going to start training
to become certified in teaching pilates
in two weeks.
It's been on the back burner since I got pregnant with our youngest.
Five years later its moved up the list.
I know.
I might have lost my mind.
I might suck at being a teacher.
I don't know if I'll be able to do it...
learn anatomy
and movement
and how to teach someone else to do it
but I'll never know until I try.
Considering that my first pilates instructor
{and former ballerina}
was the one to ask me to go get certified and work with her
I'm taking that as a sign that
I might be able to do it.
Now that the littlest little is starting kinder
I'm ready to try.
And now you know.

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  1. Great post and congratulations! I went to graduate school when my twins (#3 & #4) started pre-school and it felt like I was jumping off of a cliff at first!

    Just discovered your blog from a link off casual.classic.home and I love it! I am a new blogger and would love or you to stop by Suburban Charm if you have the time.

    Good luck!


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