Friday, May 24, 2013

should I or shouldn't I?

whack all my hair off?
its not that my hair is long...
just longer than its been in a couple of years.
its right about at a little bob like this...
but right at that stage where its driving me berserk.
here's what i'm thinking...
a long pixie cut...
 short short in the back
with the front long...
but longer than this ...
 but this is too much, right?
for a mom of three in her 40's?????
I think my husband would think I've lost my mind.
Hate to tell him
but that's already happened. :)
{about the haircut, not if I've lost my mind...
like I said, I already the answer to that one :)}
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  1. I have been trying to get the nerve to go from a shoulder length bob to a chin length bob for about five years! I am too afraid to give up the "pony tail" option for my bad hair days (which are often...LOL!)

    One of my best friends has a short pixie and she always looks fabulous!


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