Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tri two

So you know that I survived the triathlon this weekend.
I did it last year and signed up for it again
three days later when I was still on my finisher's high.
I secretly was praying for a gullywasher to cancel it.
It didn't rain on Saturday like the meteorologists had predicted.
 But alas I woke up on Saturday listening intently for thunder
and instead woke up to beautiful clear skies.
I told God that I got His message.
Apparently He wanted me to do it.
Me and a thousand other women.
I know.
That's a lot of people in a little pool right?
Apparently God wanted me to work on my fear of crowds too.
Thankfully a couple of my sweet running peeps were with me
and they kept on saying positive thoughts like
"You got this. No problem."

I'm so lucky to have such sweet and encouraging friends.

They might also have said:
"I signed up because of you!
You're not backing out on me now."

It took a while for us to snake around in line to get to the start line.
Here we are in the transition area before the race...

how beautiful are my girlfriends?

All this standing around in a tri-suit
will really help you get over your body consciousness...
after an hour or so you just don't care if people are judging your bottom.
Because that bottom is going to propel you through water,
up and down hills against hefty winds on a bike,
and then with wobbly legs you're gonna run as fast as you can.
We have to learn to love our bodies at any shape or weight.
They are so powerful
even with the aches and pains of aging, cellulite and stretch marks...
I'm starting to think of mine as reminders of how
my body can do anything I will my mind to do.
When you cross that finish line you might regret all the wasted
energy you put into worrying about if you could do it or not.


and while I'm not agreeing to do one again any time soon
I will never say never.
You always have to have a goal to reach
and a dream to work towards.
Makes life more interesting doesn't it?

At one point on the bike as I was climbing a hill
and grinding my gears :)
I was cursing talking to myself.
I heard someone coming up behind me and I called out
"Hey? Am I moving at all?"
This nice lady, Nelda, just laughed and said
"yeah, we're moving. but just barely."
We managed to chat for a minute as we pushed through
trying to climb that cottonpicking mountain.
I said "I am never doing a triathlon again."
She said "Yeah, we always say that during the race don't we?"
Then as we peaked the hill and she started to speed up
she called out "I'll see you here next year!"
She's probably right.
But for now its done...just running races for me for now.

Wish I had some pics from the finish line but hubs forgot the camera :)
Here we are at the after party...

a hot mess right?
but so happy to be finished!
 but after a shower
{and maybe a mimosa or two}...

My peeps Tarsy, Laura, {me}, and Lisa hanging out waiting for dinner.
I couldn't have done it without them
nor would I have wanted to.
Love you ladies!
Thanks for putting up with me :)

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