Tuesday, May 7, 2013

wedding weekend

What a weekend!
I left for Savannah on Thursday
and made it to the airport in record time...30 minutes door to door.
That NEVER happens.
The driver even commented on there was no traffic that day.
After he dropped me off I walked through the airport over to security.
Strangest thing....nobody was in line.
Not one soul.
Trust me when I tell you that too never happens.
Not in my twelve years of flying in and out of Houston.
I walked through the roped off lines that snake through the terminal all by myself.
A little while after that
you might have heard on the news that a very disturbed individual
fired shots into the air then exchanged gunfire with an undercover cop.
He died right there in Terminal B.
By this time, thankfully, I had made it down to my gate
and wasn't aware of the craziness until my flight touched down.
I turned on my phone and got a bunch of texts asking if I was ok
because my peeps knew I was in the same terminal.
Angels were obviously watching over me that day,
pushing me through to my gate.
Thursday night there was a little dinner for the bridesmaids
and Friday was spent running around town.
I'm happy to report that we even made it by Circa Lighting to look at
the Hicks pendants that we've decided to hang in the kitchen...
my husband approved! YAY!
We even went to the Circa Lighting outlet right across the street.
Now that's the place to go...big discounts but there's no packaging
so I might sneak back next month when we're there to see if there's anything
that might need to secretly ride back in our minivan to Houston. :)

 This picture is for Kelly who has never been to the South...

I don't think she's ever seen hanging moss in person.
You can tell the people that have never seen it...they usually pick it up and touch it.
Don't do that has redbugs in it.
Look but don't touch :)
Friday night there was a low country boil after the wedding rehearsal.
The food was so yummy.
I wish I'd eaten more but I knew the next day
I'd have to pay the piper to squeeze into my dress.
It was a beautiful day...just looking at her and knowing
how happy her new married life is going to be.
I kept crying all day.
I also kept singing "Going to the Chapel."
Cant say she was happy about singing that is...but pretty soon
all the girls were singing it...there might even be a youtube video. or two. :)
Sunday morning we drove over to Palmetto Bluff...
here's a little shot of downtown Savannah
as we're crossing the bridge into SC...

we grabbed some lunch with our friends and were able to look at a few houses.
This one has come a long way since we saw it in March.
Of all the new ones being built this one is our favorite...

Its the perfect plan for our family...
five bedrooms,
a huge great room,
a beautiful porch on the back overlooking a lake.
Lots to think about.
Its right down the street from the community garden...

I realize I never posted pictures I took of the garden last summer...
will try to do that too this week.
And because you know I love me some coastal marsh scenes...
here's some pictures from the ride to the airport...


Doesn't get much better than that.
To me anyway. :)

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