Thursday, June 27, 2013

mapping it all out

My sister Mary has a huge nautical map above her mantel....
its the coastline where she lives now.

{ugh...horrible picture I know.
will try to get better ones.}

She also has another huge map of the island we grew up on.
This huge blank wall above her sofa got me to thinking...

instead of spending hundreds of dollars to have it framed -
what if she cuts the map and frames it like this...


Not sure her husband will be a fan
(he kind of said no when we kind of mentioned the idea to him).
This may be a case of "its easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission".

Friday, June 21, 2013

normal day



Martha Stewart has partnered with JCPenney.
Who knew?
You have got to check it out.
She has a couple of different lines like
But my favorite one is
For somebody like me who is afraid of entertaining
this line makes it seem easy peasy to put a party together.
Best can choose your items by color way.
Two of my favorites...

and indigo...

Until July 9 you can use the code "CELEBR8"
to save $5 on a $25 MarthaCelebrations purchase.
And speaking of celebrations
I'd like to wish some of my peeps a very
Hope you ladies all have a terrific day
that all your birthday wishes come true this year.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

tar-jay baby

I know.
If you're thinking
not another Target,
cute dress alert...
well then you might want to check back later.
But if you're like me and don't tend to spend a lot on clothes
because you KNOW somebody shorter and younger than you
is going to touch you with chocolate or dirt or something colored
at any given moment of the day
then this post is for you.
Last week I saw some cute new arrivals at Target but resisted the urge to buy.
Until today.
These Merona dresses are super cute and only $19.99.
Just beware that they aren't tailor made.
Try them on first especially the striped ones
and look at them from behind carefully.
The pulls are not sewn evenly and when you gather the ties
it might look kind of funky.
For this reason I bought one in solid black.
Very cute though and flattering.
And isn't that what you need in 100 degree weather?
Merona also has cute skirts for $14.99
Never met something chevron I didn't like.
You could throw on a red tank for July 4th and call it a day.
I bought it in the red and navy color way.
Super cute and you know how I love me some navy.
Which is why I grabbed this...
Available in loads of pretty colors.
Plus right now Target has a deal...
"save 20% when you buy $75 in clothing"
plus free shipping on orders over $50.
Think the deal is over 6-22-2013.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

room redo

Last week we stopped by Target to grab some snacks
for our time at the hospital.
Now you know my relationship with Target...
I go in for one thing and come out at least $100 poorer.
Its like a weird vortex that I get sucked in to.
We went in for food and came out with the items
to do a little room makeover.
What can I say?
I'm not right.
Behold my sister's living room...

She picked up the chairs on for a song.

We grabbed these pillows off the 50% clearance endcap...

and these chevron curtains

In person the deepest blue in the curtains was an exact match
with the blue in the ikat pillow, the lightest blue matches the chair color.
I can't tell you how many fabrics we emailed back and forth about
and then to go to Target and find these.

Here's a before...

{before new paint and new hardwood floors
oh and before rearranging the furniture...}

and after...
sorry these are phone pics are blurry
but you get the idea...


She just ordered a giant clamshell
at the best price I've found yet...
{one for me and one for her}
and we picked up some picture frames to pull together her bookshelves.
It's coming together quite nicely.
Stay tuned for other views of the room...

Monday, June 17, 2013

blogger tutorial - DIY nautical iphone covers

or in other words:
another reason I need want an iphone!
via jones design company

And its free.
From JDC.
I love her stuff.
She had me with the octopus.
Click here to visit jones design company
to see the full tutorial and links.


life changer

Last week was filled with lots of things.
Drama, sadness, fear, all the things that you might imagine
when an aging parent has a health crisis.
But it also had moments of happiness
in that I got to spend time with a couple of my sisters
that I very rarely get a chance to visit.
The last time in fact that we got so much time together
was when my dad had triple bypass surgery in 2006.
A little background on my family.
I have four sisters...
Sister #1 is hard to explain...let's leave it at that.
Sister #2 is a sweetie pie.
She has a special needs son and is a devoted mother to him.
Then there's me, #3.
Sister #4 is a hoot and we always cut the fool when we're together.
She's a school teacher and is the one sister who lives closest to our parents.
Sister #5 - she may be the youngest but I think she may be the wisest of us all.
Dad was only allowed two visitors at a time
so we spent our time waiting and
 rotating in and out
like a "tag - you're up" rotation.
One day in the waiting room sister #5 starts talking about
this lady named Brene Brown.
She ended up pulling up this video on her iphone
and we watched Brene's TED talk.
I sat there thinking that this talk might be a life changer for me.
Watch the video yourself and tell me if it speaks to you too.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Thanks for all the prayers, comments, and emails about my Dad.
He's still in the hospital but has been moved to the rehab unit
to help him build up his strength before he goes home.
Last week was drama filled to say the least
but I think some good things came out of it...
more on that later.
In the meantime I hope that you all have a glorious Sunday today.



Saturday, June 8, 2013

not sure

So in the course of trying to get my dad's leg fixed
the doctors discovered that his leg is the least of our worries.
He has some heart issues
which is what my husband thought from the very beginning
when I told him my dad fell and broke his leg.
They admitted my dad to the hospital yesterday
after canceling his leg surgery
since the anesthesiologist refused to put him under
after seeing his pre-op EKG.
They were going to do a nuclear stress test on him this morning
but canceled it after he tested positive for enzymes.
So now the plan is to transfer him to a different hospital,
one more equipped to deal with his heart.
The plan as it stands right now is to do a heart cath
and see what's going on.
Looks like I'm getting on a plane
with Georgia on my mind.
Keep saying those prayers.

Friday, June 7, 2013

cute dress alert

What could be better than a blue chevron dress?
When its on sale of course.
Normally $60...
use the code "GAPTREAT" for 30% off
gap purchases today only so hurry.
And if I had a little girl
like my friend Lisa's little sweetie Ainsley
then she would totally be rocking this dress...

ramblings on the reno...first purchase made!

I can't remember if it all started with the lights or the sink...
or to be honest I should say that I can't remember
which one I'd been whinjing about more loudly.
I think I complained loud enough and often enough to
where it became a subliminal thought in my husband's head
and suddenly he got onboard with a kitchen renovation.
Either way...its ON!
The contractor is lined up to start the first week in August
{the only week this summer when all three will be in camp}
and the first purchase has been made.
Loading image ...
I was planning to order these lights
+ the sink 
+ the faucet
through a new-to-me site I'd found that carried all three
Plus I had a coupon for 15% off the lights
and free shipping + no taxes to boot.
But I'm still going back and forth between two Rohl faucets
{I'm a Libra...can you tell?}
so I hadn't placed an order yet.
Then the other day Horchow had a 30% off sale...
and even with the savings I mentioned above
it was still cheaper (though only slightly)
to order through Horchow
{even with taxes and shipping}.
Sorry for all the nitty gritty details but some of you may care.
And you know saving money is like a game for me.
I love it.
So now these lovelies
via apartment therapy
are on their way to the house
there's no going back now.
Now I just have to stop flip-flopping on faucets.
Stay tuned.

don't do both

Thanks for your kind emails and comments
and especially for saying prayers for my Dad.
He is scheduled for surgery today to have a rod put in his leg.
He broke it in two ain't pretty.
My DH and I tried to figure out how to get me there today.
The ticket is crazy expensive but my sweet DH reminded me that
that's what money is for.
After the kids went to bed we sat down to figure out the details
{little things like what to do with the kids today while he went to work}
He mentioned Tropical Storm Andrea.
Where have I been?
A tropical storm already?
Headed for Savannah?
Where have I been?
Now that I think about it my sister did mention
that it was raining really bad yesterday.
So I email her...
"There's someone trying to come to Savannah with me.
Her name is Andrea."
She writes back...
"Yep, she's a pistol."
And also a game changer.
So it looks like I'm staying put.
But I know my dad will be ok.

source via
I remember 50 cent in an interview saying
{yes, I am about to quote a rapper}
"Pray or Worry. Don't do both."

A sweet new blog friend of mine
from suburban charm
wrote a beautiful post yesterday
asking for prayers for several people in need of comfort.
Please click on over to read their stories and lift them up today.


Thursday, June 6, 2013


One of my sisters called yesterday to tell me that my dad had fallen while working.
He's 75 and still goes to work every day.
I know.
Talk amongst yourselves.
He's always said he'll retire the day he dies.
I believe him.
He has a helper now...
a nice guy who is basically his hands
and my dad tells him and teaches him what to do.
I think its a good trade. dad broke his leg.
Not good but he'll be ok...
We'll know more today {I hope} when he goes to see a surgeon.
He's not the most compliant person you've ever met.
He'll push his limits
and may or may not
listen to his doctors
who are probably telling him
to keep weight off of it
and stay home and rest.
I was shaking my head last night at the very thought.
My husband laughed at me when I told him this.
He said I'm just like my dad
so try not to get mad at him
when he doesn't always listen to medical advice.
{like when I went to a specialist for something a few years ago.
Her advice was that I stop running .
What did I do?
I quit the doctor instead.}
So maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Here he is as a little boy...
isn't he the cutest?

Trust me.
He's also the sweetest and the best.
His nickname is Buddy.
Say a little prayer for him today if you think about it.
I appreciate it more than you know. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

random pics...

from our trip in March to Palmetto Bluff
where we ran the first annual PB half marathon.
If this tells you anything...
{the water station at mile 6}
 {and yes, that is a real linen tablecloth}
then you know
it was the swankiest race I've EVER run.
We've already registered for next year's race.
I think.
Add that to the list of things to check on.
You may remember that our good friends
 have a second home in PB
Last summer we spent
THE most perfect family vacation
with them.
We fell in love with the place
and almost immediately
both of us knew
that this is where we want to end up.
More on that for another post.
While we were there
we did what we all
love to do...
look at houses.
Our friends know everybody there
 so we were able to go see
several houses that were in the midst of construction.
For a design addict it doesn't get any better than this.
You may remember this one as the "bowling alley" house
since there is indeed a bowling alley
being built underneath the main house.
This is one of the back porches...
Notice the pattern in the fireplace...
its herringbone.

Here's the view from the porch
looking out over the marsh
{and the infinity swimming pool}


Herringbone isn't just for fireplaces...
here's a walkway leading to one of the guest houses...

From there we went to go look at other houses.
Along the way we stopped at the community garden.
Here's the storage shed for the garden...

I know.
Talk amongst yourselves.
On either side there is a "locker room"...

where you can put all your gardening equipment etc...

The seats lift up for added storage.
Love the barnyard light...


and the lanterns...

Spring had not yet sprung
but still it was beautiful...

Love the copper weathervane...

Across the street is a statue made of driftwood...

Around the corner from here is another house
currently under construction
that we fell in love with...
Will see if I can find pictures of the inside...stay tuned.
Are you in love with the place yet?
These might help...

Will try to post more pics tomorrow to seal the deal.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


if you're a runner...


ok, this may be weird...a post about undergarments
but you may be like me...
I never really used to care about stuff like that.
I just bought whatever size I thought I was
and never really paid attention to how stuff
fit or didn't fit...
like I was constantly having to readjust bra straps
but for some reason I just dealt with it.
I guess I really started caring after becoming a mom...
you know when your body is changing
with things going back in different places
{and its not always for the best}.
I found myself in soma intimates one day
and thankfully got myself measured for a new bra.
Turns out I'd been wearing the wrong bra size
Do yourself a favor and go get measured.
You might be surprised.
This is embarrassing but I used to also hang onto bras
well, for like ever.
Not anymore...I pick up a few new ones
a couple of times a year.
If you're in the market for some new ones too
{as in if you cant remember the last time you bought a new one}
then definitely put soma on your list.
I'm a huge fan of their vanishing back line...
image enlargement
good bye back fat :)
This line comes in many options...front and back close,
wire or wire-free, you name it.
 I've bought various ones and always been happy.
Their undies are pretty too...
plus some have the vanishing edge that promises
no panty lines and no riding up.
It's a few for wearing with pants.
These are not the vanishing edge
but they're favs of mine...
image enlargement
especially when they're on sale like they are now
sorry if that's too much information.
Just keeping it real...
They also have swimwear and sleepwear...
you gotta love one stop shopping.
Click here to see it all.
Remember to sign up for their email list for coupons and offers.
I get a $20 off $100 purchase every quarter or so...
happy shopping.

{all images via}

Monday, June 3, 2013

what to do when the universe talks to you

you listen!
or in this case you read.
How apropos is it
that one of the blogs I follow
did this post today titled
Obviously I was meant to read it.
If something is standing in your way
of doing something new or challenging
then click through and read it too.
I think you'll be happy you did
or at least less fearful.

you gotta start somewhere

I officially made it through my first training session for Pilates!
It was not what I expected or prepared for.
The same could be said for life in general.
Am I right?
I've been thinking about doing this since my first Pilates teacher suggested I get certified.
That was a few years and one baby ago.
I'm not even sure that this is the path to be on but
I know that it has stayed on my mind and in my heart for all this time.
I spoke to my girlfriend from back home last Friday on the phone.
I called her to see how married life was going one month in.
{happy by the way}
We were reminiscing about the "good old days"
when we were young and single and working together...
our labs were right across from each other and we would
meet hours before the building officially opened
to get our reactions started
and we would stay late most nights
getting experiments and other work done.
We'd help each other do whatever...
kind of like a "no man left behind" thing.
Outside of work we did everything together too.
This girl. She knows my dirt.
You know what I'm saying?
Its like she knows the "before" to my current "after."
The thing is... I'm remodeling again. :)
Anyway I had never told her of this idea I had been harboring ...of getting certified.
I just told her that I was ready to go back to work and to find my niche.
She said the first thing that came to her head for me was yoga and pilates.
 That's the first thing she said.
I'm taking that as a sign.
So Saturday arrived.
I was very nervous.
I ran with my peeps for an hour trying to get rid of some of that.
It worked a little.
To be expected right?
So then I looked for quotes to inspire myself.
Here's what I found....
My peep Laura also sent me some :)
Just when I needed it.

There's one other girl in training with me.
A very lovely woman.
Together with our teacher
{who was a student of Romana Kryzanowska} 
 we did two traditional mat workouts...
one when we started and then again at the end of the day.
The interim time between the workouts was spent
learning the fundamentals like breathing.
Yesterday we had to teach the other how to do the fundamentals.
All these months I've been perseverating and studying anatomy
because I didn't know anything about it...
uh yeah we maybe talked about it for 5 minutes. ha!
I spent three hours before class yesterday working on notes and queues.
You know that I love writing words.
Apparently not so much using them to instruct another adult human being.
 Give me a kid and I can boss them up and down the street.
Maybe it was having the expert teacher just sit there watching and listening.
In a word...awkward.
When I got home last night I felt just foolish in a way.
But then I got to thinking...
Yesterday I sucked as a teacher but hey...that only leaves one way to go and that is up! 

I was not a total embarrassment.
I think.
Just gotta find my teacher mojo...
any tips on how to get it?
leave a comment below.

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